Many Of His Colleagues Have Speculated That Senator Lindsey Graham’s Drastic Transformation Into A Cowering Hypocrite Indicates He Might Be Being Blackmailed By Donald Trump. The Internet Is Flooded With Stories And Memes Eluding To Senator Graham Being Gay. Whether That Is True Or Not, Except For Extreme Evangelicals, Most Americans Could Careless If He Is. However, If It’s True, It’s The Sensitive; Personal Information Trump Would Use To Gain Loyalty And Control Over Someone.

Graham Should Take This Quote Back. His Own Words Expose His Hypocrisy, Dishonesty, And Emasculation By Trump.

In 2015 Senator Lindsey Graham saw Trump as a laughable flash in the pan. However, it is on record he publicly said at thee time, “There’s only one way to make America great again,” he said. “Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.” He called for Trump to drop out of the race after the Access Hollywood tape where he famously admitted the sexual assault of women by “grabbing them by the pussy” was possible because he was a celebrity and they ” will let you do it.” Graham has now developed a legacy of flip–flopping in a desperate attempt to please Trump. The mystery to those who knew the old Lindsey Graham is, “Why”?

One day Lindsey say’s Trump is wrong, then after one tongue lashing by the “boss” suddenly Trump is right.

In a January 2021 article in Mother Jones by Sam Pykeren, President Obama says, “Lindsey’s the guy who double-crosses everyone to save his skin.” After Biden won the election, ” Graham was a supporter of the ” big lie” saying there was widespread fraud.” Then after the insurrection, he stood on the Senate floor and said, ” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are lawfully elected.” Graham has been hypocritical in the past, before his stint as Trump’s chief boot-licker. However, his sociopathic-style pattern of lying and hypocrisy has become a legend in Washington politics. History will mock the embarrassing, obsequious Lindsey who flagrantly threw facts, democracy, and morality under the bus for Trump’s approval. Here is a partial greatest hits list of Lindsey Graham’s hypocrisy and fall from integrity;

Graham Is Among Trump’s Most Emasculated Acolytes, Abandoning Democratic Norms And Morals By Embarrassingly Cowering In Fear
In 2016, Graham Opposed President Obama’s Authority To Appoint A Supreme Court Justice Nine Months Before The Next Presidential Election. In 2020, He Was In Favor Of His Party Appointing A Supreme Court Justice Weeks Before The Next Presidential Election
In Bed With Trump On The Lies And Corruption, Graham Wanted To ide Trump’s Crimes, Yet Led The Mob To Keep Investigating Hillary Clinton After Full Disclosures And Investigations Exonerated Her

Graham Now Believes Adultery Is Presidential, As Long As It’s His Boogeyman Trump Doing It. Christians For Trump No Longer Care About Values, They Care About Power.

The New York Post Reported in Sept. 2021 Graham Saying, “I hope President Trump runs again,” Graham (R-SC) . He has also said, ” if he comes back to take the White House, it would be the biggest comeback in American history.

Graham has gone from blaming Trump for not helping stop the insurrection to hoping he becomes president again. It makes one wonder if the rumors about Graham are true, and he fears the vengeful, disloyal Trump would turn the religious-right electorate against him. Opportunism equals corruption.

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