Donald Trump Sends Out Media Emails With Messages That Look Like Tweets Because He Is Distraught Because He Is Banned From Twitter. He Behaves Like An Adolescent Who Is Addicted To Social Media And Uses It As A Place To Lie, Bully And Hide From Reality. Twitter And Facebook Took A Necessary Move This Year By Banning Trump And Stopping His Use Of Their Platforms To Rally His Movement To Deconstruct Democracy And Attempt To Reinstate Him As President Illegally. Where Is The DOJ And Attorney General To Protect America And Finally Hold Trump Accountable To The Rule Of Law?

This message, embarrassingly formatted like a tweet, shows how much Trump mourns being kicked off Twitter and proves he would be continuing the spread of dangerous disinformation if allowed back on the platform.  Reddit posted this message Trump wrote on a conservative site which is proof he is pathologically delusional, traitorous, and with criminal intent.

How gullible or uneducated are American voters who support a former president who wants to steal an election that has been proven by Republican vetting to be legitimate? Only foreign enemies of America have attempted to destroy the sanctity of democratic American elections.
A Vladimir Putin-inspired propaganda message made by Trump proving he must have spent his secret talks with Putin being trained on how to become America’s first dictator.
Stop The Steal” Was A Manufactured Lie, With No Evidence, Just A Rally Mantra MAGA Addicts Get Jazzed Up Over. Trump Brought Over 60 Claims Of Fraud To The Courts, Including The Supreme Court, And All Were Tossed Out As Baseless.
Trump Tells The Rioters Who Beat Capitol And DC  Police At The Insurrection  ” We Love You”. There Is So Much Video With Evidence That Trump Instigated The Violence To Illegally Restore Himself To The Presidency. Hey Dummy, Good Try, But America, Despite Your Existence, Is Still A Democracy.
There Is No Doubt Trump Is The First US President To Be An Insurrectionist. He Called Into This Rally Celebrating A Flag Used To Beat Police At The Insurrection Glen Youngkin Is A Trumper, And Virginia Must Vote For Terry Mcaullife.

Trump Aligned With Vladimir Putin Over U.S. Intelligence, Praised Him Constantly For Being Strong And Admirable, Adopted His Use Of Disinformation and Propaganda, And Introduced the Putin Phrase Of “Fake News” To Attack The Free Press.

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