The Vengeance-Seeking Donald Trump Fired Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe In 2018 And Timed The Firing Right Before McCabe Would Have Been Fully Vested To Receive His Pension. However, Today Justice Prevailed As McCabe Settled His Lawsuit To Restore His Right To Collect His Pension And Collect $ 200,000 In Back Benefits. Trump Thrives On Cruelty. Since Elected In 2016, He Has Encouraged Violence And Sought Vengeance Like A Vampire Seeks Blood.

Shouldn’t Presidents Be Compassionate, Forgiving, Fair, And Moral?

After firing FBI James Comey in 2017, for not pledging loyalty to him, Trump’s vengeful vendetta began when McCabe, a longtime FBI official, approved the decision in May 2017 to investigate then-President Donald Trump over possible obstruction of justice and related to the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe on orders from Trump hours before his retirement was official, which blocked his eligibility for his pension benefits for decades of service. This was one of the first of many vengeful actions that Trump would take as president, which would reveal his sociopathic character. The enjoyment he shows when he hurts people is among many of the pathologically dangerous traits that Trump exhibits.

Donald Trump has a history of disregarding the law, sabotaging the well-being, livelihood, and reputations of others. His policies have contributed to the deaths of thousands of Americans because he downplayed, lied about, and defied the science regarding the COVID pandemic, incited the January 6th insurrection, exploded the national debt by trillions, trashed the economy, and aligned himself and America with murderous dictators instead of our allies. He has single-handedly sucked the life out of the American spirit. Especially traumatized by his racism, violence, cruelty, corruption and trashing of the economy are the milennials and Gen Z members whose futures have been made to seem dangerous and feel hopeless. Especially disturbing to the majority of Americans is the hatred and revenge that seeps out of Trump every time he speaks.

Trump’s violent vengeance against Hillary Clinton:

His family has been victim to his revenge and cruelty:

His policies have shown cruelty towards immigrants and asylum seekers.

Trump brags about demeaning women by physically assaulting them with unwelcome kissing and touching:

A history of trying to destroy the careers and reputation of anyone opposing or investigating him:

Unable to control his anger and the enjoyment he gets from attacking and shaming people who oppose him, he even disparages war heroes.

His phony passion about being a Republican is obvious as attacks Republicans in Congress and “primaries” them in their races for re-election out of revenge for not pledging 100% loyalty to him.

Is it too much to ask the Republican party and its electorate to support moral, psychologically normal, competent candidates? Trump is the most substandard person ever elected to the office of the U.S. President. Cruel and vengeful behavior is characteristic of mobsters, dictators, and drug lords, not presidents in a democracy.

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