Standards and Expectations of the American President: Trump Supporter Survey

Since Trumps Inauguration I have been trying to crack the puzzle of his supporter’s undying loyalty. Despite his lying, immoral, hostile, self-serving, unstable, and incompetent behavior patterns, the loyalty survives and thrives. So these are questions that I think all Trump supporters must answer to help them self reflect on their blind devotion.

Trump Supporter Survey: Loyalty is fine, Blind Loyalty is Dangerous

  1. Have you read the beginning and conclusion of Section I & 2 of the Mueller Report?
  2. If you have, do you accept that the 10 obstructions of justice actions that Trump made during the 2016 campaign are acceptable actions for a president to take?
  3. Do you believe that it is acceptable for a Presidential candidate or anyone on the campaign to take calls and meetings with a foreign adversary and additionally not contact the FBI about it?
  4. What do you believe the explanation is for so many of Trump’s original appointees being involved with Russia either financially or with their government officials?
  5. Why do you think most of these Trump associates lied about meetings and involvements with Russia?
  6. In what way is it concerning to you that so many of Trump’s appointees have either been fired, indicted or resigned?
  7. How would you justify the excessive number of Trump appointees or campaign associates being involved in diverse scandals and legal trouble?
  8. What do you think the reason is that Trump refuses to show his tax returns? Does it bother you that he might be hiding his earnings, avoiding paying taxes, or is involved in conflicts of interests?
  9. Are you concerned that most of Trump’s policies seem to favor the rich, such as his tax cuts and deregulation policies?
  10. Do you believe that Trump is right that global warming is a hoax? Do you believe in science?
  11. Are you economically aware enough to be assured that Trump’s policies will benefit you financially in both the short and long term?
  12. Do you feel that Trump’s documented womanizing effects the respect level of the American Presidency to the global community?
  13. Does it damage your trust in any way that Trump has told over 10,000 lies which are documented in his words on Twitter and on video?
  14. How do you explain that Trump demonstrates more respect and affinity for dictators over allied leaders of Democracies?
  15. Do you think Trump’s praise of Putin and reluctance to ever criticize him indicates that the Russians may have compromising information on him?
  16. If a President who you were not so enamored with talked and behaved like Trump, would you still defend him and vote for him no matter what?
  17. What are your concerns about Kim Jong Uns’ obvious dismissiveness of Trump’s demands and expectations of North Korea?
  18. Why do you think that there are dozens of lawsuits against Donald Trump throughout the American court system?
  19. Do you ever consider that Trump’s excessive lying, and obsession with trashing President Obama and all past Presidents indicates a disrespect for the office and a symptom of insecurity?
  20. How do you feel about the excessive amount of golfing Trump does on Sundays compared to his infrequent attendance to Sunday church services?
  21. Are you in favor of the millions of dollars in travel and security costs that Trump has incurred by so frequently leaving the White House to visit Mara Lago and other Trump resorts?
  22. Trump’s style of governing is called “authoritarianism.” Are you comfortable with this style of leadership, a style shared by dictators such as Hitler and Mussolini?
  23. Do you believe there is a danger to the United States because of Trump’s embrace of Russia despite worldwide proof of their corrupt, illegal patterns of behavior?
  24. Do you care that Russia meddled in our democratic elections? Do you understand what dangers that kind of meddling presents to the United States?
  25. Do you believe that Trump understands all components of the Constitution to the degree that he can effectively protect the stability of our democracy?
  26. Are you comfortable at Trump’s attack on all of our Democratic institutions, i.e. three equal branches of government, the judiciary system, the media, and the intelligence community?
  27. If it is ever solidly proven that Trump lied to the American people about his affairs and pay-offs to the women, would it damage your view of his character?
  28. Is there any behavior that Trump could engage in that would get you to stop supporting him?

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