Congressman Ted Lieu: Proactive Resistance

I attended a Q & A panel on May 30th, in Los Angeles hosted by my Congressman Ted Lieu and William Ray, an active Democratic advocate. I was fortunate to be called upon to ask my question, which was, “Is there anything that a State Senator, Governor, Homeland Security Official, State Attorney General or Bar Association can do to investigate, sanction, or suspend William Barr as he aligns with the policies and actions of Trump instead of aligning with the legal and professional norms which are in the best interest of the American people and rule of law.

A Congressman on the panel from Texas said that litigation can come from any of these elected officials. I was relieved to hear this but I was even more relieved to find out that Congressman Lieu had already taken action. In an email days later, I was made aware that he had co-written a letter to the DC and Virginia Bar Association asking for an investigation into Barr’s misrepresentation to the public about the findings in the Mueller Report. He cited numerous violations listed in the Bar Association guidelines that Barr had committed.

My question to the panel reflects my belief that since William Barr’s appointment as Trump’s Attorney General, our country is more corrupt and less safe. I don’t recall Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno or Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder rushing to the media to make constant statements to defend their President’s positions in order to protect their political standing. It seems we, the American people, do not have an Attorney General watching out for our Democracy or our best interests.  The Attorney General is supposed to be impartial as he carries out his duties as the attorney for the country.

I suggest looking up Congressman Lieu’s Barr investigation request letter to the DC and Virginia Bar Association. Encourage your Congressional representatives to take similar proactive actions to protect the rule of law.

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