Money over Morals: Trump’s Addiction to Money Degrading American Values

The Trump Administration has convinced a segment of the population that as long as profit is made, any method to get the money is acceptable. Personally, I don’t find Trump to be a particularly good salesman, but there is something about his base that leads them to buy the con job. He has sold the base on the fact that if he makes money, for himself or the economy, it doesn’t matter if he does it by illegal, immoral, or dishonest methods. The “ money hungriness” of anyone named Trump is a national shame.

Here is a sales pitch that is honest and accurate:

“DEMOCRATS can keep the economy strong AND adhere to the Constitution while maintaining moral and ethical norms”. Trump has brainwashed his base with a phony bravado that says making money is more important than a healthy, moral Democracy. Many Presidents have been imperfect, but none have been as corrupt and anti- Democratic as Trump. Today it was announced that Trump and his family may be striking a business deal with China that may yield him hundreds of millions of dollars.
Imagine a dad or mom announcing to their kid, “ We are rich. We can gorge ourselves on anything we want. It wasn’t easy to make this money. I refused to pay my loans, ripped off our friends in a sneaky business deal, and made false claims to get people’s support for my schemes. But I did it for us. I do whatever I need to make us rich.” Would you feel proud of that? Would you brag to friends about how your parents operate? Probably Not!

Trump treats America like a business. That’s scary because it is documented that he has gone bankrupt 6 times, has suffered huge financial failures, ripped off people who worked for him, and misrepresented himself to get loans. Americans should question if they want to give up their morals for money. The only people profiting from how the economy is doing are people who already have money. Wake up Trump loyalists, you’re being duped.

A moral Republican with a spine and character wouldn’t need to abandon all morality to practice conservatism. This is not about being Democrat or Republican. Trump is an authoritarian and exhibits patterns of behavior that many speculate is at a pathological level. Things will only get worse as governing is a complicated process and good governing cannot happen with pathological thinking and behaviors.

Americans must set aside the politics, and recommit to preserving an America to be proud of.

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