Why Isn’t The Media Asking The Silent Non-MAGA Republicans Tougher Questions? Why Isn’t The Self-Proclaimed Best Friend Of Israel, Donald Trump, Showing Genuine Compassion In Public For The Massacre Of Jews In Israel By Hamas? Why Is The Extremist Tommy Tuberville Still Allowed To Remain A Senator? Why Did Every Republican House Member Vote For An Architect Of The Insurrection Plot To Be Speaker Of The House? Why Is George Santos Still Serving In The House?

Wrong, again!


  • What would you tell Israel to do in reaction to the massacre of 1,400.00 of it’s citizens?
  • Why haven’t you gone to Israel to show you’re still ” a friend” of the Jewish people?
  • Do you admire Hamas and Hezbollah? Explain.
  • Have you visited the Holocaust Musuem in D.C? If not, why?
  • Have you read the Diary of Anne Frank? If not, why?
  • Did you know the America First movement of the 1930’s was sympathetic to Hitler? If yes, was it part of your plan to help rally support from white nationalist militia groups?
  • Why do you constantly lie? ( You can’t say you don’t lie).
  • Once you realized the mob at the Capitol had weapons, why did you order the barracades to be taken down?
  • There is evidence of you watching the violent break-in of the Capitol on TV on Jan. 6th. Why didn’t you take any action to stop the mob?
  • Would you be willing to take a test on the Constitution?
  • You embrace the concept that a president can break laws because he is the president. Therefore, do you support President Biden’s right to ignore the separation of powers, order his enemies to be jailed, and profit off of being president? If not, why?
  • What would you want Merritt Garland to do if 100 classified documents were found at Joe Biden’s residence? Would you accept Biden declaring the documents belonged to him? Would it be ok if he showed the documents to people without security clearance?
  • Can you define what an autocrat is? Would you treat Putin as an ally if you were president?
  • Do you see the hypocrisy of suggesting Hillary Clinton be jailed for conducting business on a private server when you use a private cell phone to talk with world leaders, including enemies?
  • Why was it acceptable for your kids to conduct White House business on private cell phones?
  • Did you ever have bone spur surgery? Would you be willing to show the diagnostics on the bone spurs?
  • If Rep. Adam Schiff was indicted for the same crimes George Santos is charged with, would you call for the democrats to expel him? If yes, why?.
  • If a presidential victory was guaranteed to you if you embraced legislation protecting LGBTQ rights and abortion, would you do it?


  • Do you place protecting the Constitution over keeping your job? If yes, explain why you still support Trump you has admitted he would get rid of it.
  • Do you realize why you are seen as traitors and wimps?
  • Do you silently feel humiliated by your passivity? If no, why?
  • Besides the fear of losing your job, why are you so afraid to tell Trump he is cruel, incompetent, juvenile, and unfit to be president?
  • Do you have skills that are transferrable to other professions should you fail to be re-elected?
  • If you’re qualified for other jobs, and you hate Trump, why don’t you turn against him?
  • If Trump demanded that you celebrate Putin and Kim Jung would you do it? Explain your answer.
  • Do you realize non-MAGA Republican members of Congress outnumber the MAGA extremists? If so, why haven’t you marginalized them and, in the process, neutered Trump’s takeover of your party?
  • If you could vote anonymously to support the 14th Amendment’s Disqualification Clause that would block Trump from running for president, would you do it?
  • If Trump asked you to, would you be willing to make public statements that there are good excuses for people like him to commit adultery, lie, and cheat?

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