Innocent People Don’t Act Like Trump And His Co-Conspirators. Innocent People Don’t Use Delay Tactics, Attempt To Get Their Cases Dismissed, Lie and Spread Conspiracy Theories To Disparage Facts, Hide Evidence, Intimidate Witnesses, And Jurors And Attack Judges And Prosecutors. Innocent People Present Evidence To Prove Their Innocence. They Co-operate With Law Enforcement Instead of Calling Investigations Politicized Witchhunts.

Those who argue that Trump is intelligent ignore the fact that he makes statements that expose his hypocrisy and criminality. During a debate in 2016, Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being guilty of hiding information that was damaging to the country because members of her staff pleaded the fifth during an investigation of her use of a public server. Over the years, Trump has repeated the statement, “only the mob takes the fifth amendment..” As credible investigations have exposed behaviors criminal behavior and actions destructive to democracy, Trump and his allies became proponents of taking the fifth. It is only his gullible, cult followers who continue to believe that when Trump and his enablers plead the fifth it is to protect themselves from ” unfounded, politically motivated Witch Hunt supported by lawyers, prosecutors, and the Fake News Media, you have no choice.” ( Intelligencer, Aug. 10, 2022).
Justice is holding Trump accountable. Judges are not putting up with his BS tactics that only his loyalists applaud. Innocent people do not resort to name-calling and making false accusations of judges, witnesses, prosecutors and opponents. Any first-year psychology student can diagnose his weak ego, pathological lying, narcissism, impulsivity, and severe lack of empathy.

Innocent people excude certainty they will be exonerated from criminal or civil accusations. They comply with subpoenas, answer questions instead of taking the fifth and present facts that credibly challenge the accusations against them. They ask for speedy trials in hopes of escaping unjustice convictions or incarceration. Trump delays proceedings because justice scares him. He disparages the judges he fears and supports loyal, partisan judges. In every court appearance he looks scared. The faux tough guy persona is replaced with the real Trump: frightened and vulnerable.

Trump refused to turn over tax returns for year’s. The rule of law finally got them and revealed he was hiding that he avoided paying his fair share of federal taxes. He has been a proponent of transparency for everyone but himself.

He stole and hid classified government documents at Mara-a-Lago and lied to the FBI about hiding them. Innocent people don’t lie. Innocent people are not hypocrites. Innocent people are transparent. The Presidential Records Act gives ownership of governmental documents to the people through the government. A former president does not own the givernments documents. INNOCENT PEOPLE DON’T STEAL, LIE, AND ENGAGE IN COVER-UPS.

He acts guilty, sounds guilty, and soon may be found guilty by a group of his peers. Several grand juries comprised of his peers have found him indictable for the crimes he is accused of committing. President Biden, Attorney General Garland, or a weaponized group of democrats did not indict him. His behaviors got him indicted.

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