How Much Lower Can The Republican House Of Representatives Get? Making Marjorie Taylor Greene The Most Powerful Voice In The House Is The Death Cry For The GOP. She Sounds Dumb, Is Mean, An Admitted White Nationalist, A Humiliation To Christian Values, Violent, And A Conspiracy Theorist. Aside From The Loyalty She Gets From The MAGA Devotees, Taylor Greene Is Only Relevant Because Weak Opportunist Speaker Kevin McCarthy Is Afraid Of Her.

Like all Trump allies, Taylor Greene uses gaslighting as a means for retaining the support of her followers. The MAGA base rejects facts, logic, common sense, and compassion. They have fallen for her Trump- inspired narrative that the government is coming after them ( for what, they don’t explain). This nonsensical scare tactic has worked with gullible, fanatical factions of the Republican electorate.

Her weaponized campaign to impeach President Biden is a plan that is blatantly inspired by Trump. There is no evidence of abuse of power by Joe Biden. He has been completely uninvolved in the investigations and indictments of Donald Trump. That is provable. Green and the weaponized House of Representatives is abusing their power to embolden Trump and his autocratic movement against the Constitution. The disgraced, failed ex-president’s weak ego was damaged by being defeated by Biden’s legitimate presidential win. As a result, his entire political agenda is focused on revenge against Biden and anyone who opposes his quest for power. He has chosen Marjorie Taylor Greene along with Speaker McCarthy and accused enabler of student molestations at Ohio State University Jim Jordan to weaponize Congress against President Biden. Taylor Green doesn’t govern. She lacks the qualifications to govern. MAGA politics has given her a template to fool her constituents into believing she is doing the job of a legitimate member of Congress.

She is inarticulate. She cannot elaborate at length on any topic relevant to policy, the Constitution, science, or history. She is vengeful, hateful, against bipartisanship, and juvenile. Democrats would expel any member of their party who acted the way she does. It would expose her ignorance if she would accept an invitation to debate Rep. Alexandria Ocaso-Cortez. Because like Trump she is all talk, no substance. Georgia district 14 must be reality TV fans, not informed, loyal patriots to keep supporting her. Would they abandon her if a billionaire stepped in and promised each voter 20,000 if they recalled her? That gesture would be a service to democracy and decency.
She is a hater. She espouses violent policies against non-white, Jewish people, and non- Republicans, She questions the legitimacy of horrific tragedies like the Sept. 11th attack, the Parkland School shooting, and the Jan. 6th insurrection. She is incapable of living the word of her beloved Christian faith. The corruption of the Republican party is allowing someone as unfit for office as her to serve as a government official. We need both parties to put country over politics, decency over power, compassion over hatred.

Marjorie Taylor Green, Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz and Ron De Santis and other MAGA Republicans lead the movement by government officials to overturn democracy and to create risk to the lives of law enforcement, democrats, women, minorities, non-Christians, and the youth of this country. They demean the religion that pretend to live by.

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