Have Republican Voters Not Noticed Or Do They Just Not Care That Most Of The Candidates Trump Supports In The Mid-terms Have Either Been Indicted For Corruption, Accused Of Domestic Violence, Or Sexual Assault? Trump Loves Surrounding Himself With His Own Kind. These Male Baffoons Drape Themselves In Toxic Masculinity Behaviors, However, They Actually Look Like “B” Movie Caricatures About Wannabes. How Gullible Or Corrupt Has The Republican Electorate Become Since Getting Gaslighted By The Cruel Snake Oil Salesman Who The Russians Helped Become President?

This is what thinks of Republicans Evangelical Christians and Republican rural Americans. He is making total schmucks out of his voters. Does he have to be caught on tape calling them mindless sheep or assholes to find a conservative who really lives America.
Trump’s support and defense of men who sexually abuse women or who are accused of domestic violence is evidence that he believes women are liars and men can do whatever they want to women. Most of the candidates he supports in the mid-terms either fall into the abuser or criminally corrupt category. The third category of candidates Trump endorses are fringe, conspiracy-theory loyalists who thank him while he berates them. How much humiliation will a Republican take from Trump to keep the jobs they no longer deserve?

The Candidates Trump Supports That Have Been Accused Of Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault:

  • Hershey Walker- Accused by ex- wife of physical abuse, accused by other women of abuse, and threatened to have a shoot out once with police due to his admitted issues with mental illness
  • Nebraska candidate for Governor businessman Charles Herbster has been accused by several women of groping them ( Trump has called Herbster a good man who is being falsely accused. Sound familiar?).
  • Sean Parnell, Pennsylvania candidate for the Senate, was endorsed by Trump before he had to drop out of the race due to allegations by his ex-wife that he abused her and their kids.
  • Former disgraced Governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens had to resign from office due to credible allegations of physical and emotional abuse by his ex-wife. Operating out of the Trump handbook, Greiten’s denies the accusations and keeps running for office.

Honorable mention from when Trump was president goes to accused serial pedophile Judge Roy Moore from Arizona, Former top White House aide Rob Porter accused of assault by his two ex-wives, and Rep. Matt Gaetz, accused of sex trafficking a minor. Trump’s toxic masculine pathology is embraces womanizers and abusers of women to normalize a man’s dominance over women. Women who marry or vote for toxic men need intensive therapy or religious deprogramming.

These photos are not fake. These are criminals, Nazi’s, members of the Ku Klux Klan and accused sexual assaults and pedophiles who love Trump and who Trump loves back.

CNN Politics, 2018-

“If there’s been one consistent thing about Donald Trump since he emerged as a presidential candidate in June 2015, it’s this: When women accuse men of sexual assault or domestic abuse, Trump sides with the men.”

Trump always sides with the men, unless they are democrats. His Republican friends and loyalists get a pass. Allegations against Rob Porter, Roy Moore, Matt Gaetz, and other men accused of physical and sexual crimes against women usually include comments like, ” they said they didn’t do it,” “people’s lives and careers are getting ruined,” and “he’s a good man.” Not surprising that a fake Christian accused of sexual assault would defend men of his kind. Women who find aggressive men attractive are defective themselves. Women and men who criticize women as victims of assault are abusers themselves.

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