MSNBC Anchor Joy Reid Announced Women Will Ignore The Impending Ruling Striking Down Roe v Wade. The Five Alt-Right Justices Are Tainted, Disgraced And Some Should Face Impeachment. Not Because They Are Conservative, But Because They Are MAGA Extremists Owned By Trump, Gun Lobbyists, And Fanatical Evangelicals. Their Rulings Will Be Circumvented By The Majority Of Americans And Not Accepted As The Law. Trump Modeled Disrespect For The Law, So The Court’s Opinions Are Neutered.

Women are done with old white men making decisions about their rights and freedoms. It’s not going to happen. So they are prepared to defy the courts impending ruling to take aways the federal protection for abortion rights by reversing Roe v Wade. 70% of Americans favor a women’s right to choose. However, the GOP doesn’t care. Senator Mitch McConnell, the power-hungry, mumbling old man from Kentucky sold what was left of his diminishing soul to Donald Trump in exchange for religious extremist, alt-right Supreme Court Justices. Neither Trump or Mc Connell are religious men of character. They worship money and power and say the right words to delude white evangelicals and poor rural Americans that “Make America Great Again” promises a return to the politics of the 1950’s. White fear politics and the rejection of secularism has caused Republican voters to abandon the teachings of the Bible and support bigotry and cruelty.
Peaceful protesters demonstrated near Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house. The constitutionally protected peaceful demonstrations exercised the right to free speech and the right to peaceful assembly. Republican commentators said the demonstrations “crossed the line.” “These are mobs of harassers who have breached the acceptable parameters of protest,”  said Republican commentators. That assertion is hypocritical coming from the political party called the Jan. 6th violent insurrection a “typical tourist day.” The tradition of justices being above reproach is outdated and ridiculous. “Why should Supreme Court Justices be immune from citizen feedback? (MSNBC Opinion). Any claim by the Court that it is apolitical is considered a joke by the American people.  MSNBC Opinion said, “if one does not wish to put up with this kind of pressure, one has the option not to accept a position of extreme power as a public official who makes life-and-death decisions about other people.” The protesters were peaceful in protesting the draft opinion on abortion by Justice Samuel Alito. Justices are unelected, political appointees for life and enjoy a level of secrecy and accountability that shouldn’t be acceptable in a democracy.
There is no way Americans will allow their little girls to suffer through unwanted pregnancies, especially those that result from rape or incest. Justices Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Coney- Barrett, the conspiracy theorist Clarence Thomas, and Chief Justice John Roberts will soon take away a woman’s reproductive freedom and lifestyle choices. However, the potential loss of life and emotional trauma this ruling will cause will motivate women to vote Republicans out of office. Additionally, women have already begun an organized resistance movement that will refuse to recognize the loss of the right to have control over their bodies. The conservative wing of the Supreme Court is a tainted group of unpopular extremists who are so out of step with the majority of Americans. It won’t be surprising if we eventually see an impeachment, resignation, or indictment of one of these characters. Justice Roberts is the only Justice that appears not to be owned by Trumpism. However, his leadership is weak and is enabling extremism, not encouraging conservatism.

Governors Gregg Abbot and Ron DeSantis are toxic men with scary ideas about how women and minorities should be treated in a democracy.

Happily signs a 15-week ban on abortions—no mention of funding for the baby’s care once they are forced to be born. Republicans are the party of complaints, not solutions. The journalist still must ask the questions to expose corruption, cruelty, and incompetence.

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