Tha Attack By Male Republicans On Democratic, Women In Power, Especially Women Of Color, Will Take Center Stage This Week As The Confirmation Hearings Get Underway For Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Throughout The Trump Administration Non-White Women, Non-Evangelical Women, Democratic Women, Highly Competent Women, And Women Victims Of Sexual Abuse By Men Were Under Attack. The Misogyny Of Male Republicans Is A Failing Attempt To Keep Women Out Of Power: IT’S FAILING, AND SENATORS LIKE JOSH HAWLEY AND TED CRUZ ARE SCARED STIFF.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin’s book Resistance reminds us of how women were “the foot soldiers, the organizers, the candidates, and the volunteers pulling their country back from the clutches of a racist, antidemocratic president and his enablers.”. The strength and power of women saved America from another four years of power by the misogynist, racist, authoritarian ideology of Donald Trump. Unfortunately, many of his surrogates have remained in power and are continuing the attack on democracy by supporting conspiracy theories and disinformation that undermine the rule of law and morality. Rubin’s book chronicles the many instances where misogyny was on full display. Despite the assaults that certain groups of women suffered during the Trump era, HE ultimately LOST, and THEY won. Trump rallied white, fanatical 2nd Amendment, evangelical women into the MAGA-movement to cover-up the attack taking place on powerful, competent non-Republican women. The Brett Kavanaugh hearings, the violence-inciting attacks on Hillary Clinton, and the movement to overturn Roe v Wade are just a few examples of the no-holds- barred aggression towards women who Trump and Trump Republicans feared and disrespected. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson represents the kind of woman Rubin credits for saving our democracy.

When Judge Brown Jackson faces the scrutiny of jealous, fearful MAGA Senators like Hawley and Cruz this week, she should recall the public strength shown by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and others during Trump’s presidency. In her book, Rubin cites Pelosi tearing up her copy of Trump’s State of the Union speech in front of Congress and AOC’s speech publicly calling out Republican Rep. Ted Yoho for calling her a “f–king bitch” as examples of resistance to the Trump/MAGA assault on the foundation of traditional American ideology and values. Hillary Clinton also showed the strength women can have in the face of #metoo-like abuse of power by toxic masculine men. Unfortunately, men in political power who are not toxic masculine types have remained weak in their support women. These men are passively toxic and have been emasculated by the harmful toxic male movement.

It has been noted that Judge Jackson is more educated than four of the justices currently appointed to the Court. She graduated from Harvard as an under-graduate and from The Harvard Law School of Law. She has been confirmed three prior times by the Senate for federal court appointments. Like Pelosi and Clinton, Judge Jackson showed her strength when she ruled that former Trump attorney Don McGahn had to comply with a legislative subpoena because:

During the Senate hearings this week, the following baseless accusations are expected to be made in an attempt to block Judge Brown Jackson’s confirmation:

  • She is a highly radical
  • She is supported by ” dark money” groups
  • She has been soft on crime as a public defender
  • She hasn’t come out against expanding the Supreme Court
  • She has been sympathetic to sex offenders

Sen. Josh Hawley has gone so far as to say of Brown Jackson that “her record endangers children.” (Politico, March 17, 2022). Hawley is among the MAGA members of Congress who are poised to berate Jackson’s record and portray her as anti-law enforcement. The White House has described these attacks as “toxic and weakly-presented misinformation that relies on taking cherry-picked elements of her record out of context — and it buckles under the slightest scrutiny.” Epic hypocrite Sen. Mitch McConnell has implied Brown Jackson’s record demonstrates she has an “empathy for criminals.” Yet, he vehemently protected a president who violated the Constitution and pardoned criminals who committed crimes against the U.S. government Roger Stone and Paul Manifort. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki noted Hawley’s assessments of the nominee have no credibility. During Trump’s presidency, he publicly refused to denounce Roy Moore, an Arizona Republican candidate for the House who was credibly accused of romantically pursuing teenage girls. Has the GOP not heard that Jackson’s endorsements include law enforcement, conservative judges, and survivors of crimes? ( Politico, March 17, 2022)

Judge Jackson’s record as a public defender is expected to be highly scrutinized and demonized by Republicans on the Judiciary Committee. She is also expected to be asked how race will inform decisions she will make while presiding on the Court. Despite the Republican’s stacking of the Court with extreme-conservative justices, they now insist that liberals must exclusively appoint justices who hold non- liberal ideologies. The blatant hypocritical rhetoric spread by the Republican party indicates they believe their constituents are not intelligent enough to detect when the words and actions of their elected officials don’t match. So as we observe the confirmation hearings of Ketanji Brown Jackson we will witness another strong women upholding democracy and making history.

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