President Volodymyr Zelensky Gave A Passionate Speech Yesterday To The U.S. Congress About Putin’s Murderous Invasion Of His Country. When He Finished, He Received A Standing Ovation. Zelensky Is Embracing The  Fate He Has Been Dealt Of Leading The Fight To Defend Democracy Over Autocracy. The Ukrainian People Are Inspired By His Brave And Dignified Leadership And Are Fighting With Vigor To Save Their Country From Coming Under The Rule Of The Sociopathic Autocrat, Vladimir Putin. Americans Should Note The Similarities Between Trump’s Rhetoric And That Of Putin’s.

President Zelensky delivered an impassioned speech to Congress yesterday about the need for more robust support from NATO and the U.S. to fight the murderous attempt at the genocide of the Ukrainian people. He compared the attack on Pearl Harbor and The 9/11 attack to the invasion of Ukraine, reminding America how they felt and how they reacted when foreign enemies were murdering their innocent citizens. Zelensky has become a hero to his people and a leader in the movement to defend the spread of autocratic governments worldwide. He is brave, principled, articulate, compassionate, and competent and makes men like Putin and Trump look like murderous, cartoonish, insecure, outdated bullies.

On February 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade the sovereign country of Ukraine. Putin seemed possessed by the delusion that he could restore the Soviet Union to its prior formidable stature before it’s fall. His disdain for democracies and his obsession with power and indifference to human suffering is disturbing and dangerous. Sadly, he continues to be admired and emboldened by the support of far-right Republican embarrassments like Fox’s Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump. Republican Americans are reticent to use the word ” traiterous” when it applies to members of it’s own party, and yet use it generously when criticizing democrats. Russian media can’t get enough of Carlson’s reporting on Putin and the invasion of Ukraine.  Carlson insists that “Russia was in the right and Ukraine in the wrong—or, at the very least, there was no discernible moral difference between a flawed democracy and the autocracy poised to invade it.”  Carlson continuously minimized the threat of invasion as ” a border dispute, and characterized Ukraine as ” not a democracy and ” a puppet regime”. ( The Soapbox March 3, 2022). IMAGINE WHAT THE FAR-RIGHT REACTION WOULD BE IF DON LEMON OFFERED HIS SUPPORT OF THE INVASION OF A DEMOCRACY THAT INVOLVED THE TARGETED MURDER OF INNOCENT CITIZENS.

Are American citizens going to defend their democracy like the brave citizens of Ukraine, or will they continue to admire fake patriots like Carlson and Trump who admire dictators?

President Biden is getting widespread accolades and bipartisan support for his tough stance against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. He has imposed crippling economic sanctions on Russia and many of its oligarchs and their families. He has successfully united our NATO allies to support Ukraine’s military and provide humanitarian relief. He now refers to Putin as a “war criminal” and ” thug.” He is in constant contact with President Zelensky and is offering unprecedented military support for Ukraine’s efforts to fight for the survival of their country. Zelensky is proving to be a leader of great skill in uniting his people to defend their democracy.

Except for not establishing a “no fly zone” over Ukraine, President Biden is proving his skill in managing foreign relations by his expert handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He has established positive communication with President Zelensky that is helping maintain a strong trust between our countries.

In his speech, Zelensky thanked America for their help but urged Biden to do more. “You are the leader of the nation. I wish you to be the world leader; being the world leader means being the leader of peace. We need you right now; I see no sense in life if it cannot stop the deaths,” he said. Disappointed in the U.S. refusal to establish a ” no-fly zone,” Zelensky requested weapons to fight Russian aircraft. Congress jumped to its feet in reaction to his pleadings, showing unity in support of Zelensky’s outstanding, passionate leadership of his people.

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