President Obama’s Voice Of Hope And Pro-Democracy Rang Loudly Throughout Virgina Today In Support Of Terry McAuliffe’s Bid For Governor. The Contrast Between The Demonizing, Anti-Constitutional, Trump, Governor’s DeSantis, Abbott, And Other MAGA Candidates And Obama Tells The Story Of Two Views Of America: One That Adheres To The Rule Of Law As Stated In The Constitution, Sees All People And Rights As Equal, And Believes Facts Over Lies, And The Other America That Violates Laws, Worships Power Over Democracy, Spreads Lies And Propaganda, And Promotes White Supremacy Ideology. McCaulife’s Win Will Continue America’s Recovery.

What’s helpful to the Democrat’s chances of keeping control of Congress in 2022 is the FACT that Republican’s are running without any discussion of policies that focus on improving the lives of the American people. They express no interest or vision for the average American which means without a huckster criminal like Trump to create an anti- democratic, conspiracy theory lie about the 2020 election being stolen, they would have no political narrative at all. Trump’s strategy ( which lost him re-election and both Houses to the Democrats) involves whipping up fear in a base that doesn’t understand the Constitution, worships celebrity over morality and competence, and just loves wearing red hats and t-shirts while jumping around at angry, divisive rallies.

Not one Republican candidate has been talking about anything except, the ” big lie”, anti-vax and anti- mandating, and the tried and true narrative that Democrats will be the downfall of America. For anyone of average IQ, that BS is called “gaslighting.” Any thinking person not involved in a cult can tell the difference between a lying, manipulator and an truthful, competent person. This perspective isn’ t about Democrats being perfect, or that all their policies should be adopted without debate or compromise. What it IS about, as Obama messaged today, is protecting our democracy against the autocratic movement of the Trump-corrupted Republican party.

The Virgina Governor’s race has become a referendum on the goal of blocking states from electing Trump acolytes who are pushing agendas for 1) voter suppression, 2) eliminating The Affordable Care Act, 3) anti-immigration, 3) overturning Roe v Wade, 4) killing the concept of a bipartisan, two- party system, 5) anti-vaccine mandates, and 6) anti- climate change.

Challenging McAuliffe is Glen Youngkin, a private equity executive, running as a traditional conservative with a covert wink and nod to Trump’s Maga agenda. The Washington Post reported that Youngkin “continues to sow doubt about whether voting machines can be trusted — a dog whistle to the GOP’s Trumpist base.” The Washington Posts also reported, “he also has indulged and encouraged Republicans who have swallowed former president Donald Trump’s lie that last year’s presidential election was stolen and that American elections are not to be trusted.” The article also says, ” it seems likely that Mr. Youngkin knows that U.S. elections, including last year’s presidential contest, have been largely free of any significant fraud or cheating, and that to suggest otherwise is flat-out dishonesty.” Youngkin is a Trumper, licking his chops to transform Virginia into the mirror image of the cruel, anti- constitutional state of Trump-worshipping Texas.

McAuliffe is skillfully talking about Youngkin as a closeted pro-Trump ideologue. McAuliffe is also reminding Virginians of his accomplishments as governor from 2014-2018 ( Washington Post, April 26, 2021) :

  • Eliminated a 2.4 million deficit and created the biggest surplus in Virginia history
  • Unemployment dropped from 5.4 to 3.7
  • Unemployment dropped to all-time low in 43 years
  • Brought in 1,100 economic projects and $20 billion of new capitol
  • Supported Medicaid expansion
  • Focused on jobs, the economy, and bipartisanship
  • Restored the vote to over 200,000 disenfranchised felons, the majority being Black Americans, following the completion of their sentences
  • Advanced the cause of racial equality
  • Improved public education and worked to raise teacher salaries

A McAuliffe win in Virginia will send a much-needed message to Republican-elected officials that not every candidate Trump supports will win. A victory for McAuliffe will send the message that politicians who run on good policies win elections, and politicians who run on disinformation and manipulative lies will lose.

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