Donald Trump Is Rightfully Being Compared To Adolph Hitler Because He Is Using The Identical Hateful Rhetoric Used By The Fuhrer. In His Veteran’s Day Speech, He Called His Political Opponents ” Vermin” And Declared Immigrants As “Blood Poisoning” Our Country. He Is Speaking Of “Rooting Out” And “Eliminating” People He Dislikes. Any Comparison Of Trump To Hitler, Mussolini, And Other Infamous Dictators Come From His Use Of Their Exact Words. Despite Rumors That Trump Doesn’t Read, It Is Clear He Has Read The Political Playbooks Of History’s Most Heinous Dictators, Additionally, He Admires Todays Dictators.

It is indisputable. In his own words, Trump tells us he admires dictators who call for jailing political opponents, promote cruelty and violence, and refuse to leave office even in defeat. Trump is now announcing plans to govern from the dictators playbook. In his own words, Trump is announcing his plans to weaponize the government to seek revenge on those who opposed his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election to illegally remain in power.
The courts have another plan for him. We are watching what happens to all dictators eventually: They don’t end well; Hitler killed himself. Mussolini was strung upside down, and people bludgeoned his dead body beyond recognition. Saddam Hussein was found crawling in a ditch, and others went to jail. They fall to self-sabotage because of excessive hunger for power and love of cruelty.

For year’s, Trump has used the language of dictators using such phrases as ” enemy of the people” ( referring to the press), “retribution”, and suggesting political violence against political opponents. However, more recently he is sounding darker. He has announced an extreme plan to weaponize the government to carry out the revenge he seeks on former allies. The Washington Post ( Nov. 13, 2023) has reported Trump’s language directly mimicks that of Adolph Hitler:

  • Trump likens his political opponents to “vermin” and suggests they represent a “threat from within” that is more dangerous than threats from beyond our borders.” Both are themes seized upon by brutal dictators.” ( Hitler’s original comment: “1) “Should I not also have the right to eliminate millions of an inferior race that multiplies like vermin?”
  • Trump suggested that the vermin be ” rooted out” a term Hitler used about the Jews; Hitler said, “While the flower of the nation’s manhood was dying at the front, there was time enough at home at least to exterminate this vermin,” when referring to the Jews.
  • He dehumanizes people and suggests that these “sinister” internal forces present the greatest threat to our country.” The purpose of this Hitler-like rhetoric is to instill fear as a justification for violence or incarceration. Like Hitler, Trump speaks of his opponents, immigrants, an democrats as ” sunhuman” . By calling them beasts, animals, vermin a narrative is developed to get rid of people and leaving only the ” superior” race.
  • Referring to immigrants, Trump has said, ” they are poisoning the blood of our country. They are destroying our country.” He has called them, diseased, rapists, and thugs. Scare tactics are used to incite violence.
Save Democracy. Convict Trump and elect a patriot. Seven years of an autocratic, racist takeover is all the majority of Americans will stand for. We should thank Trump for going fully transparent about ending our democracy. Additionally, the scare tactics of him winning re-election being spread by the media needs to stop. As William Barr said, ” he is toast.” Those continuing to support him despite his blatant admission that he will rule like a madman dictator should have their voting rights suspended. They are not patriots anymore. They should have to earn that right back because they enabled the autocratic movement of the Trump era.

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