While Israel Is Under Attack By Hamas’s And Hundreds Of Israeli’s, Including Babies, Are Being Killed And Beheaded, The Dysfunctional Republican Party Is Focusing On Political Opportunism By Placing Baseless Blame On President Biden. Like Israel, America Needs To Stay United During To Fight The Atrocities Hamas Is Committing In The Middle East. However, Fringe MAGA Extremists Like Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise, And Ted Cruz Are Pursuing Power, Not Unity And Morality.

MAGA extremists Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Jim Jordan and other Trump-cult Republicans are making sh-t up about the attack on Israel for political gain. “Blame Joe Biden for everything” is their entire 2024 platform. They are putting forth no policies to benefit the American people. They promote conspiracy theories and ignore facts to damage their opponents. The assertion that Iran backed the Hamas attack on Israel because President Biden released $6 billion of their money that had been sanctioned is unfounded. None of that money has been spent. The national security of America, Ukraine, and now Israel is being compromised by the dysfunctional, incompetent Republucan House of Representative and white nationalist extremist Senator Tommy Tubberfield who should be fired from his elected office.
The Republicans stand by Israel for one reason: Political gain. How can Republican House members cry out in support of Israel’s right to freedom and then be against continuing to fund support for Ukraine’s fight for it’s sovereignty and democracy? The hypocrisy reeks of authoritarianism and a disdain for American democracy.
These two men represent the opposite of what America stands for. They are self-interested politicians who put party over country. Instead of displaying compassion, empathy and pain over the laughter of Israeli’s, Trump took to the podium to blame Joe Biden. so did Ron DeSantis.

In his typical inarticulate style, narcissistic style of talking, Trump said ” I would not be at all surprised if part of that tremendous wealth that they just accumulated went into, all of a sudden, watching this level of aggression, and “They didn’t have that level of aggression with me.” ( Washington Post, Oct. 7, 2023). He cannot complete a sentence properly because he doesn’t understand the facts or concepts of any he issue he addresses. Additionally, in a speech in Florida Wednesday, “he called the Lebanese Hezbollah group, a sworn enemy of Israel, “very smart,” and accused Netanyahu of being “not prepared” for the Hamas attack, which also killed 22 Americans.” (CBC News, Oct. 12, 2023). While Jews are being slaughtered in Israel, Trump speaks espouses criticism and opportunism, without a hint of compassion. During times of aggression towards Jews, blacks, and the LGTBQ community Trump’s severely disordered character is exposed.

To the contrary, President Biden is a beacon of hope, friendship and support to Israel and the world. In what is being called the most compassionate, pro- Israel speech of support delivered since Harry Truman recognized Israel as a state in 1948, President Biden said, “”In this moment, we must be crystal clear. … The United States has Israel’s back. We will make sure the Jewish and democratic state of Israel can defend itself today, tomorrow — as we always have.”
President Biden’s response to Hamas’s attack on Israel is outshining and out-classing Donald Trump’s reaction. No matter the national issue, Trump responds with self-aggrandizement, criticism, and admiration for terrorists.
Two leaders joined to save lives and restore peace.

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