Kevin McCarthy Deservedly Got Kicked Out As Speaker Of The House. The Beginning Of His Demise Was When He Kissed Trump’s Ring At Mara-a-Lago And Apologized For Admonishing His Incitement Of The Jan. 6th Insurrection. Then He Gave Away The Power Of The Speaker Position To The MAGA-Wing Of The His Party. Then He Blamed Everything Bad His Party Is Doing On Democrats And President Biden. Additionally, McCarthy Routinely Lied To Both Parties, Did Not Honor Agreements, And Enabled The Anti-American Views Of The Extreme Right. Bye Kevin.

Trump never liked him. Like countless others who bowed to Trump, McCarthy’s career and reputation got destroyed. When will Trump allies realize that Rick Wilson’s book, “Everything That Trump Touches Dies” has become the truth? Lawyers, political partners, and friends have suffered tremendous personal and professional harm because of their cultish loyalty to the disloyal Trump. Now McCarthy, who kissed up to Trump to gain acceptance from the MAGA Republicans, watched his short-lived speakership die. He threw integrity, honesty, and patriotism out the window in his pursuit of power. Like most autocrats, extremists, and hypocrites, he crashed and burned in failure and humiliation.

  • He broke his promise he made with President Biden in January on the debt ceiling deal
  • Without cause, he launched an impeachment inquiry against President Biden because Rep. Jim Jordan insisted on it.
  • Without proof, McCarthy declared President Biden received money from China on behalf of his son Hunter Biden.
  • He defended Trump’s stealing classified, government documents while castigating President Biden over a small amount of old government documents found in his garage from his days in the Senate
  • He falsely blamed the Democrats for almost shutting down the government, when in truth more Democrats voted for the Republican CR than Republicans
  • To stay in Trump’s favor, he downplayed the insurrection and minimized Trump’s responsibility in inciting it.
  • He refused to ask indicted fraud Rep. George Santos to resign
  • He appointed extremist, self-proclaimed white nationalist Marjorie Taylor Green to the Homeland Security Committee
  • He supported cutting aid to Ukraine’s in their fight against Putin’s invasion of their country.
Matt Gaetz is a performer. He is not a serious public servant. Most members of the House don’t like him. Not only was he credibly accused of the sex trafficking of a 17 year-old teenager over state lines, he voted against giving Congress the power to fight human trafficking. He is bombastic, holds extreme anti-American views and is against helping Ukraine stop Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s attempt to replace democracies in Europe with autocracies. Foreign policy experts compare what Putin is doing in Ukraine to what Hitler was doing in Europe prior to the start of WWII. Hitler wanted to replace democracies in Europe with dictatorships. House Republicans are against the Ukraine War, not because they are against war, it’s because they are “for” autocracy.A Gaetz is dangerous to democracy. He needs to be watched. His mentor is Donald Trump.
McCarthy is blaming Democrats for getting fired. However, the majority party in the House chooses the Speaker. Would a Republican minority ever have saved Nancy Pelosi from being fired by her caucus?? Never! McCarthy was unworthy of the job. Hypocrisy, dishonesty, and anti- bipartisanship describes who Kevin McCarthy is. He got what he deserved.Hi

However, his firing did nothing to elevate the incompetent, anti- democracy, extremist mission of the current Republican House majority. The good news is the country is watching the divisive, immature, incompetent performance and demise of the Republican party. That is good news for democrats and independents.

This is who Republicans respect? Please nominate him for Speaker and help Democrats take control of the House.

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