Bill Maher’s Return To The Air Was Disrespectful And Damaging To The Fight To Save Democracy. Americans Who Are Fighting To Save Democracy Are Appalled At His Decision To Invite And Kiss-Up To The Homophobic, Racist, Misogynistic Autocratic Governor Ron DeSantis. They Are Angry And Concerned That He Attacked The Credibilty Of President Biden’s Bid For Re-Election. He Lowered Himself In The Eyes Of Millions Americans Who Are Fighting To End The Autocratic Attack On Our Democracy By Donald Trump And The Far-Right GOP.

Someone needs to remind Bill Maher that he is a senior citizen. He thinks championing the use of pot and cussing makes him cool and gives him license to disrespect the integrity of President Biden’s decision to seek re-election due to his age. On his program Friday he made references to senility and feebleness when referring to Biden. He went so far as to say if Biden runs, Trump will win. He is still suffering from Trump-paranoia syndrome and it’s impairing his ability to effectively advocate against Trump and MAGA politics.

Maher acknowledged Biden has accomplished much good for America. However, he then reduced Biden to a disposal object due to his age. Millions of millennials and Gen Zer’s would prefer to see younger political commentators on the air rather than listen to Bill Maher. It’s contradictory to say someone has performed competently but isn’t competent to continue doing their job. That is what Maher did to President Biden with his comments. Was it Maher’s intention to harm Biden’s chances to beat Trump or, due to his age, are his skills at political posturing declining?

Interviewing DeSantis legitimized him in the eyes of millions of voters. That’s a bad thing for America. DeSantis may actually be more cruel than Trump. During his interview with De Santis, Maher played softball on many of the issues he reports to disagree with him about. DeSantis sarcastically referred to the entertainment union strike as a “hiatus” and Maher said nothing. He then jokingly asked the governor, ” why are you picking a fight with Mickey Mouse.” This gave DeSantis the opportunity to say, “They picked a fight with us. “This idea of ideology-corrupting institutions, I see it in Los Angeles with the amount of crime that’s here and the homelessness.” Maher’s responses to DeSantis’s multiple anti- Disney-like cultural war conspiracy theories were weak. Maher offered no substantive challenges to these anti-diversity, cruel policies. However, he agreed with DeSantis’s attack on the CDC for the Covid mandates and his labeling of many aspects of American society as ” woke ideology”, most of which are based in white nationalist beliefs.

BECAUSE MAHER SUFFERS FROM “TRUMP PARANOIA SYNDROME” HIS STRONGEST CONFRONTATIONAL MOMENT IN THE DeSANTIS INTERVIEW WAS WHEN HE SAID, “You are trying to thread this needle that will never happen, ( regarding the likelihood of beating Trump). “Let’s face it Ron, if the campaign was going well, you wouldn’t be on this show.”

A message for Bill Maher. “It’s fair for pundits, journalists, and comedians to criticize both parties. However, don’t wimp out on your true political and moral beliefs to gain viewership for your show. Isn’t that exactly what the silent Republicans do while Trump attacks our democracy? Be brave and honest, and stop incorporating dog whistles of alliance with the dangerous right-wingers. Stop attacking President Biden’s re-election bid. At this time, he is America’s best chance to beat Trump. Good vs. Evil is on the ballot.”

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