“Operation Saving America” Is A Project Of Approximately 600 High- Ranking Members Of The Military And The National Security Community Warning Americans About The Threat Trump and Trumpism Poses To American Democracy. The Falsehood That Trump Is Pro- Military And Pro- Constitution Is Finally Being Exposed By Republicans Who Have Firsthand Knowledge Of His Unfitness To Serve As President.

The National Security Leaders of America joined with Democrats in 2020 to support Joe Biden’s bid to defeat Trump’s re-election effort. Led by war veteran Amy McGrath, now almost 600 retired Generals, Admirals, Ambassadors, cabinet and service secretaries, appointed leaders, elected officials, and Senior Executive Service leaders have come together to fight the significant threat Trump and the far-right pose to the essential tenets of our Democratic institutions and values. For decades, the Republican Party has been seen as the party of national defense and security. However, in the age of Trump, extremism within that party has become a huge national security risk. The military, intelligence community, law enforcement, and homeland security professionals are organizing against the assaults the MAGA movement are making on the institutions that protect national security. Blocking Trump’s effort to regain the presidency is seen by the group Operation Saving Democracy as vital for national security.
Unfortunately, Amy McGrath did not defeat Mitch McConnell as senator of Kentucky. Getting the corrupt Mc Connell out of Congress is vitally important. McGrath is a patriot who supports a bipartisan, value-based approach to governing. McConnell is a power-hungry hypocrite who puts power over democracy. McGrath leads the project Operation Saving America and is steadfast in her commitment to stop the erosion of democracy that Donald Trump, his loyalists, and wimpy, silent Republicans are inflicting on the American democracy.


Defend America’s democracy

Strengthen the United States as a democratic nation

Defeat Trumpism at the ballot box

Amplify the voices of respected national security leaders
Trump’s idiotic declaration about, ” I know more than the generals do” was a red flag to military leadership that Trump needed to be monitored to protect national security. During his time as Chief of Staff General “John Kelly, imposed military discipline on the president’s shambolic reality show of an administration. National security adviser H.R. McMaster, a three-star Army general, cleaned house at the National Security Council, ousting conspiratorial hard-right nationalists Rich Higgins and Ezra Cohen-Watnick. McMaster also replaced Trump’s top Middle East adviser. Kelly and Secretary of Defense James Mattis, also a retired Marine Corps general, had a pact not to be out of the country at the same time so that one of them is always here “to keep tabs on the orders rapidly emerging from the White House.” Suddenly, America had become a place where a general needed to be on hand at all times to babysit the president.”( Slate, Aug., 2017, Michelle Goldberg).

During his presidency, the delusional ex-president acted as if he owned the military, law enforcement, and the judiciary. He manipulated General Mark Milley to dress in his army fatigues and march to appear in a photo op at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Washington, D.C. After the incident, General Milley apologized to the American people for participating in a stunt that was antithetical to the military’s commitment to staying out of partisan politics.

Additionally, Trump has shown unpatriotic disrespect to members of the military. He famously disparaged Senator John McCain by saying, ” he preferred people who didn’t get caught.” He also referred to dead soldiers at a French cemetery where US citizens were buried as “losers and suckers.” In recent months, he has attacked judges and members of the DOJ who are involved in the four indictments against him. Donald Trump has duped a minority of the Republican electorate into believing he is competent, kind, strong, and pro-America. However, groups like Operation Saving America, March For Our Lives, Black Lives Matter, and Planned Parenthood are mobilizing to destroy Trump’s attempt to regain the presidency.

Only gullible cultists fall for his stupid stunts. This picture is phony and hard to see without cringing. Operation Saving America shows that the military’s has disdain for Trump and won’t vote for him.”

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