Donald Trump Keeps Publicly Admitting He Stole The Government Documents. He Keeps Misinterpretting the Presidential Records Act As Giving Him Ownership Of Classified Government Documents. He Has Revealed His Plan To Use The Power Of The Presidency To Seek Revenge On Political Opponents. He Has Announced Support Of Throwing Out Parts Of The Constitution He Doesn’t Like. Additionally, His School-Girl Blushing Over Compliments From Vladimir Putin Signals His Alliance With Autocrats, Dictatorships And Disdain For American Democracy.

Trump’s interview with new Meet The Press moderator Kristen Welker was a lie fest of falsehoods. Welker was bulldozed by his rapid-fire lies about the election, the insurrection, and every subject that was discussed. He cannot stop himself from lying.  He loves the attention it brings. He needs the attention. Without constant attention he withers into the insecure person he is at his core. The rush he gets from knowing his followers believe his lies is addictive. He derives self-worth from grifting people, controlling people, scaring people, and destroying people. Hundreds of psychologists have suggested narcissism and sociopathy explain Trump’s abhorrent behaviors and lack of empathy.

Trump opponents hope he keeps giving interviews admitting to his crimes and exposing his intentions to deconstruct the judicial and congressional branches of our government. In his interviews he exposes his ignorance and disdain for the rule of law, his propensity for violence, his greed, and pathological hunger for absolute power. The hypocrisy that defines Trump is constantly in our faces reminding us he is unfit to ever hold office again,

Trump wanted Hillary jailed for deleting 33,000 emails off her private server. Unlike Trump, Hillary toughed out the investigation launched by the FBI without threatening to dismantle federal law enforcement. She endured the ” lock her up chants” that led to physical threats towards her by Trump fanatics like the strong, patriot she is. In contrast, Trump whines, blames, and threatens people who scare him.
He doesn’t respect the military or law enforcement. He doesn’t respect the rule of law. He doesn’t respect women. He doesn’t feel compassion for the poor, disabled, minorities, or people he doesn’t find attractive.  He doesn’t believe in elections that he loses. He doesn’ t believe rules or laws apply to the US president. He doesn’t love the America of the founding fathers. He loves the MAGA vision of America, and so does Putin.
Foreign policy experts believe Putin is hoping for Trump or any MAGA candidate to win the presidency in 2024. Putin believes Trump would withdraw US support from Ukraine and Russia a victory in the war. Trump’s support of Putin is one of many blatant pieces of evidence that he is anti- democracy and pro-autocracy. Defending foreign democracies is of no interest to Trump. This explains why he adopted the Hitler- sympathetic MAGA/America First slogan from the 1930’s to define his movement. The racism and autocratic form of government is at the core of Trump’s vision for America. That is why he will lose in 2024.

Racists like Charles Lindberg, conservatives, and Klan groups opposed America entering World War I to stop Hitler from spreading his racist support of dictatorship throughout Europe. Current politicians like Trump, Reps. Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green, and Jim Jordan oppose the US support of Ukraine’s fight to stop Putin’s attempt to destroy their democracy. The resistance to these anti-patriots is monumental. They will lose their 2024 elections because they hate American democracy.

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