MSNBC Is Criticizing Excessive Media Coverage Of Biden’s Age While Under- Reporting The Fact That Trump Is Showing Obvious Signs Of Also Being Elderly. Both Biden And Trump We’re In High School At The Same Time. Both Of Them Would Be In Their 80’s During Their Presidency If They Win in 2024. Important Advantages That Favor Biden Despite His Age Are; He Is Pro- Rule Of Law, Understands The Constitution, Can Talk Comprehensively On National And International Issues, And Respects Science And History.

They are BOTH old. Leaving Trump out of the age concern narrative is a mistake that pro-Biden media must rectify. However, the difference in affect in these images is9 significant. Biden espouses positivity, hopefulness, and compassion. In contrast, Trump emanates anger, pessimism, and cruelty. Trump addresses policy issues in short soundbites that expose his limited grasp of the complexities involved. Additionally, he makes inaccurate interpretations of laws, lies, and spreads misinformation for political gain. In contrast, Biden dives deep into detail when explaining policy, provides the gains and the costs of the policy, and speaks to the short-term and long-term effects of the policies. The job knowledge and competence required of a president and emotional stability should guide how Americans vote, especially when considering age as a concern.
Will a reporter please ask Trump why at 77 he declared Joe Biden was too old to be president, however, Trump will be 78 in 2024.

Both Biden and Trump make verbal gaffs. Both are elderly It is difficult to determine which of their gaffes are based on age, emotionality, political motivation, or lack of knowledge. The debate about age and serving as the most powerful leader in the world is valid. Focusing on Trump’s age should be elevated to the same level as the conversation about Biden’s age. Examples of Trump statements and behaviors that could be age-related:

  • Referring to Biden dealing with Russia, Trump said, ” Just think of it. We would be in World War II very quickly.”
  • Bragged about passing a cognitive test that only people with dementia fail.
  • Insisted the 1917 Spanish Flu brought the end to World War II.
  • Referred to Thailand as “Thigh- land.”
  • Referred to Finland as part of Russia
  • Believed injecting bleach into lung tissue could cure Covid
  • Couldn’t find the Scandinavian countries on the map
  • He continues to misinterpret the meaning of the Presidential Act
  • He incorrectly referred to JD Vance, the Ohio candidate he was supporting for the Senate as JD Mandel.
  • He forgot the name of his media platform, Truth Social, and referred to it as, ” Truth Central.”
  • At a Florida speech after Hurricane Irma, he said Melania really wanted to be with us, ” while she was standing right next to him.
Biden understands the Constitution. He understands foreign policy. He understands how to manage a pandemic. He understands history and science. He knows the Bible. He knows how to lead and unite the majority of Americans.

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