Americans Who Love Democracy Are Organizing Against The Radicalized Republican Party And A Landslide Defeat Of The GOP Is Predicted For 2024. The Party Of Mitt Romney And John McCain Is Dead. Power-hungry, Cruel Autocrats Lead The Party Now. Traditional Republicans, With The Exception Of A Few, Let The Extremists Take Over. Additionally, Republican Christians Have Given Up Their Values To Worship Un-principled Extremists. Trump Thinks Evangelicals Are Weird And Gullible.

Abortion, climate change, and gun violence issues has Gen Z and millennials energized to neuter the Republican party’s relevance in the future of American politics. Old white Christian men’s view of America is out of sync with young people, women, and minority communities. Additionally, the tone of Trump-led GOP politics is cruel, hateful, and vengeful. Not only are these traits un-American they are the antithesis of the teachings of Jesus. “Love They Neighbor” has been replaced with ” hate thy neighbor if they don’t look like, sound like, or think like you.”

Younger voters are inclusive. They support equality, unity, and diversity. They support protecting the individual rights of all Americans, not a select few. They reject toxic masculinity. They think it’s stupid, immature, and unintelligent. They oppose autocrats. They are intelligent. They understand that the MAGA “America First” slogan is a veiled message that promotes racism and a policy of global isolationism that threatens national security.

The group of Americans Trump has used and humiliated the most are the evangelicals. He has duped them by promoting his fake anti-abortion stance. The gullibility of religious extremists is tactfully used by Trump as a strategy to gain control of the Republican base. History will brand the evangelicals of today’s America as hypocrites and an embarrassment to Christianity. They are fanatically pro- unviable fetus without compassion for a woman’s Constitutionally protected right to privacy. Additionally, the lives and health of women, girls, and men related to reproductive freedoms are irrelevant to them. In support of Trump they accept adultery, violence, white nationalism, greed, and lawlessness. The young voters and women voters will counter their influence in the 2024 election.
Matthew Frost is an example of the move to rid Congress of men and women who resist embracing the values and realities of today’s America. The older members of the Republican party still govern through the lens of a white, Christian-only America. The extremism of Trump and his MAGA movement is a desperate attempt to take America backwards into darker, shame-based times. Young leaders like Frost are positioned to elevate the important issues that affect the lives of all Americans and protects the integrity of the Constitution and the country’s national security. A MATTHEW FROST VS DONALD TRUMP DEBATE ON THE ISSUES WOULD SHED LIGHT ON HOW IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE SHOULD BE TO THE AMERICAN ELECTORATE.
He isn’t intelligent. He is smart in the same way that a sociopath is smart. He knows; how to delay justice, how to brainwash the uneducated or greedy, how to cheat, and how to promote his self-interests. He shows no understanding of the Constitution or a grasp of complex issues. He uses the communication tactics of rambling compulsively, lying, projecting, and deflection to dodge exposure of being incompetent, anti- American, and a scared, insecure man. The bluster is his defense against his feelings of fear and inadequacy.
Proof that Trump would continue to invite Putin to interfere in future elections and in the functioning of the American government. If that doesn’t scare you, you might be a dangerous anti-patriot. Trump loves our enemies and has disdain for our allies. Isn’t this traiterous? It definitely threatens the survival of our demicracy. Not all Republicans embrace Trumpism. They are the patriots.

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