The Liberal Media and Democrats Need To Assert Tactics That Will Make The Current Weaponized Assault On Democracy By Republicans Look As Phony And Politicized As It Is. Republicans In Congress Need To Be Chased Down The Halls Of The Capitol And Asked Exposing Questions. Co-Conspirators Should Be Encouraged To Flip. The GOP Base Should Be Asked Questions That Expose Their Hypocrisy And Ignorance On The Issues.


Jordan kept quiet despite knowing the team doctor at Ohio State was molesting athletes on the wrestling team. However, now Jordan’s mouth doesn’t shut up. He spreads conspiracy theories, gaslights, and blatantly tells any lie Donald Trump demands. The weaponizers are accusing the non-weaponizers of weaponizing.
  • Marjorie Taylor Green’s call for the impeachment of Joe Biden and her threat to vote against funding the government if the House won’t do it
  • Accused sexual abuse enabler Jim Jordan’s Weaponization Committee is trying to conflate Hunter Biden’s crimes with President Biden.
  • Attempts by Jordan to derail Georgia’s investigation of Trump’s interference in the 2020 election.
  • Trump threatens judges and prosecutors for investigating him while he calls for Biden’s impeachment and insists District Attorney Fani Willis should be fired.
Democrats have to get tough with their messaging. The Republicans have thrown out truth, the rule of law, and civility. Trump admits if he wins the presidency he will ignore the Constitution and prosecute his enemies. The Democrats need messaging that signals the danger Trump and MAGA politics pose to the American democracy.
  • Trump says he will throw out parts of the Constitution
  • Republicans are taking away individual rights they don’t like and cheating to protect the rights they do like.
  • The judiciary should put Trump in jail or on House arrest for defying the order not to threaten witnesses and prosectors
  • Billboards should be placed in every state showing Putin touting Trump’s vision of democracy.
  • Place billboards all over rural America with pictures of all the women who accused Ttump of sexual assault
  • Place billboards with Trump surrounded by white nationalist terror groups with the saying, “vote for me, I love you.”
  • Democrats should invite Marjorie Taylor Green and Jim Jordan to debate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Adam Schiff.
  • Attempts should be made to target 5 House members for removal from office to flip the House
  • Republicans in Congress should unite and launch a ” taking our party back” movement.

Trump supporters should be asked:

  • The murderous dictator Putin loves Trump and hoped he becomes president?
  • What would you want the DOJ to do if Joe Biden was charged with 91 federal crimes?
  • Do you want America to be a one-party system?
  • Are you a white nationalist?
    • Do you understand if Republicans pass laws to ban books about slavery and the Holocaust, Democrats can pass laws that ban books that mention Jesus and the Confederacy?
    • Do you agree with political violence if it’s done by your party?
    • To prove your loyalty to Trump, would you reject all benefits passed by President Biden’s Administration if he asked you to do so? Explain.
    • If indicted Rep. George Santos was a Democrat, would you want him kicked out of Congress?
    • Have you always believed it is acceptable for a president to commit adultery, lie, break laws, swindle people out of money, and befriend dictators who commit crimes against humanity?

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