Real Men, Like Joe Biden, Set The Example For What Healthy Masculinity Looks And Sounds Like; Compassionate, Loyal, Competent, And Honest. Fake Men Like Donald Trump Set The Example For What Toxic Masculinity Looks And Sounds Like; Incompetent, Crude, Self-Centered, Violent, Arrogant, And Insecure. The Women Attracted To These Men Are Lacking In Self-Esteem. They Get Their Identity From The Attention Their Chaotic Partners Generate.

President Biden called Senator Mitch McConnell this weak after his medical episode to see how he was doing. He flew to Florida to support what Floridians are going through because of the storm. The non-man Gov. Ron De Santis refused to see and thank the president. Biden is a politician who doesn’t hate or disrespects his opponents. He is a person who cares about the well-being of all people. He looks past dissimilarities and finds compassion for his allies and enemies. He has suffered great personal loss. He shows class during conflict, even when he is being attacked and disrespected. However, he isn’t a doormat. He stands up for himself by being authentic, free of being bought by big donors, controlled by his poll numbers, or attacked by extremist Republicans. Despite threats to impeach or jail him, Biden remains cool, calm, unafraid, and competent.
Time after time Trump demonstrates he is an angry, cruel, crude, power-hungry, immature man. His lack of impulse control, emotional explosions, and threats of violence have been mistaken by his base as signs he is a strong man. He is the opposite of strong. Strong men have self-control. They are compassionate. They are competitive but cope well with defeat. Trump cannot admit being wrong. He refuses to apologize. He is incapable of feeling and showing empathy. He feels threatened by other men and feels superior to women. He incites violence and wishes bad things to happen to anyone that does not worship him. Only people with low self-esteem or clinically disordered character act the way Trump acts. He exudes fake confidence by yelling, whining, and disparaging others.
Americans are ready to return great men and women of character to political power. Hopefully those who are enamored with angry, racist, corrupt leaders will be relegated to the irrelevant fringe of the electorate. America is a loving, accepting country that has been temporarily invaded by haters. Character, integrity, and justice is ending this chapter of lapsed values.
Today’s wives of extremist Republican politicians are weak, opportunistic, subserviant types. Martha Mitchell, the wife of the Watergate scandal disgraced Attorney General George Mitchell spoke out loudly against the corrupt President Richard Nixon and her husband. She chose country and character over wifely obedience. The wives of the MAGA mean men are quiet. They slink under the radar to protect the status and money that accompanies being married to a politician. Any one of them has the power to bring down the Republicans conspiracy to end democracy. Low character men find low character women.


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