The Image Of Republican Candidates Running For President Raising Their Hands When Asked If They Would Vote For Trump Even If He Is Convicted Of Federal Crimes Was Even More Chilling Than Trump’s Sinister Mugshot. That Photo Is Additional Proof That The Republican Party No Longer Stands For The Rule Of Law, The Constitution, Or Morality. The Party Is United In Destroying The Two-Party System.

On the debate stage this week, except for former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, all the Republican candidates raised their hands when asked if they would still vote for Trump if he was convicted of federal crimes. This image is an admission to the world that the Republican Party opposes democracy. Based on it’s proven commitment to the Constitution and the survival of democracy, the Democratic Party would NEVER continue to support a candidate accused of the crimes Trump is accused of committing. The photo of Republicans declaring loyalty to a candidate who participated in a movement to overturn a fairly won presidential election should be a disqualification to run for public office. History will remember the names of these candidates, other vocal Trump government allies, and the Republicans who are silenting cowering in the shadow of Trump’s assault on our country.


Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the majority of Republican House members support keeping an admitted criminal in office. Despite lying to New York voters to get elected, Santos remains in office for reason: The Republucans corrupt hunger for political power.
Reps. Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz, credibly accused of being involved in sex scandals continue to serve in Congress. Multiple credible witnesses have declared former Ohio State wrestling coach Jim Jordan knew the wrestling coach physician was molesting members of the team and did nothing to stop it. Matt Gaetz was credibly accused with violating federal sex-trafficking charges by paying for sex and traveling state to state with a teen-age girl. Republican members of federal and state legislatures and law enforcement agencies continue to protect their party’s elected officials. Democrats don’t need convictions to stand up against credible immoral accusations.
Yes, the Republican Party and electorate voted him into office and want to nominate him to be president again. The GOP supports his racism, misogyny, assault on the rule of law, attraction to violence, admiration of dictators, and incompetence to be President. These descriptions are based on Trump’s own words and behaviors.
After this public admission of support to discard the rule of law imbedded in the US Constitution, the Republican Party still supports Trump’s effort to regain control of the US democracy. The GOP no longer supports the Constitution, democracy, and equal safety and rights for all Americans.

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