Four Indictments And 91 Charges Later And Republicans Are Still Standing By Their Man As He Threatens The Safety Of Judges And Prosecutors With Dangerous Rhetoric. however, By The 2024 Presidential Election The Evidence Introduced At Trump’s Trials Will Prove He Is A Criminal Who For Years Has Cheated And Done Harm To Anyone Who Opposed Him Or Anyone He Felt Threatened By. He Is A Wannabe, Caricature Of A Strongman.

Without the interference from Russia, Trump’s election to the presidency would have never happened. The Republican Senate overlooked Russia’s interference into our elections and refused to remove Trump from office after he was impeached. The Republcans are responsible for every crime and injury to our democracy that has resulted from their embrace of the most dangerous autocrat to ever be President of the United States. As they scramble to challenge his candidacy for president, most are still pandering to him and his supporters like the true anti-patriots they have come to be.

Trump has already broken the conditions of being out on bail. He is name-calling and threatening Judge Chutkan in the Jan. 6th indictments, Special Counsel Jack Smith, District Attorney Fani Willis in the Fulton County, Georgia indictments, and targeting the grand jurors in the Fulton County case. If the judges and DA’s remain skittish about treating Trump like any other American citizen who breaks the conditions of their bail release, they are enabling his criminal behavior and weakening the defense of the rule of law..

In Trump’s mind, this belief was only true when FBI Director James Comey decided to announce an FBI investigation into his opponent Hillary Clinton days before the 2016 presidential election. The mob-like Republican party now calls the FBI corrupt and weaponized whenever they investigate Trump or one of his allies. Keeping fraud criminal Rep. George Santos in Congress, looking the other way about the sex crime scandals involving Reps. Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz, and supporting violence against democrats, immigrants, and law enforcement are just a few of the corrupt practices that define the Trump Republican party. GETTING RID OF HIM COULD BE ACHIEVED If:
  • If Secretaries of State would enforce Section 3 of the 14th Amendment which disqualifies anyone to hold public office ” who has taken an oath to support and defend our Constitution and thereafter rebels against that sacred charter, either through overt insurrection or by giving aid or comfort to the Constitution’s enemies.”
  • If anti-Trump Senators would join together in confronting him, insist he cease running for the nomination of their party, and publicly call him unfit, corrupt, a liar and a violent threat to democracy.
  • If Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy would oppose him and call for Republican voters to reject what he and the MAGA philosophy are doing to democracy.
  • If the media would boycott covering his political antics.
  • If judges would stop giving him special treatment and put him in jail for his dangerous threats and rhetoric towards judges, witnesses, and prosecutors.
  • If one of the co-conspirators in the January 6th indictment would flip and produce evidence that prove his “big lie” is false and he knew he lost.
  • If donations to his campaign stopped.
  • If conservative media would back a different candidate.

His relevance only exists because he is being enabled by gullible, opportunistic, corrupt Republicans politicians and voters.

Anyone who supports a candidate who thinks like this, talks like this, and feels like this is anti-American. The support he receives is explained with one word: CULT. Like cult leaders before him, Trump has scared people into needing him for their well-being. He declares only he can guarantee the survival of all that is good about America . His skill at gaslighting, lying, and making false promises has created a social addiction to him and a belief that America won’t survive unless he is re-elected president.

No American president has gone to the lengths that Trump has to threaten the safety of the American population. During the pandemic he opposed mask mandates, pushed bogus Covid cures being spread by quacks over the recommendations of the medical experts, and bullied governors to oppose federal efforts to stop the spread of Covid. He continues to encourage violence towards any person or group that opposes him. He promotes violence against immigrants and asylum seekers. THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS KNOW HIS VIOLENT, RHETORIC REVEALS A PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTURBANCE OF CHARACTER. THEY ALSO REALIZE HIS OBSESSIVE ANGER AND VICTIM NARRARTIVE IS HOW HE COMPENSATES FOR HIS INCOMPETENCE, HIS LACK OF KNOWLEDGE AND SUPPORT OF THE CONSTITUTION, AND HIS DEEP-SEATED INSECURITIES.

Americans are prepared, the judiciary is prepared to ensure Donald Trump will never become president again. The investigations and indictments have exposed his fitness for office. The national nightmare is weakening.

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