Anyone With A Sixth-Grade Education Knows That Indictments For Federal Crimes Are Not Admirable. Additionally, Only Gullible People Would Think It’s Excusable To Be Found Liable For Sexual Assault, Found Guilty Of Business Fraud, Spend Donor Money For Personal Use, And Conspire To Overturn An Election. Everyone Except Trumpers See The Grift He Is Executing. Trump has Branded His Wrongdoings As Patriotic Acts .

Despite evidence of committing criminal and civil crimes, Trump has convinced millions of people that: he is a victim, the US government is a crime ring that is coming after them, that he needs their money to defend himself, and that if he is not re-elected president American democracy will die. It is a sociological phenomenon that so many adults believe these lies that are easily disproven. Republicans who worked for and supported Trump have lead the investigations and accusations against him. They have sounded the alarm that Trump’s behavior during and after his presidency was and continues to be criminal, dangerous and anti-American.
Juries of his peers keep indicting him. However, Trump targeted Republican voters years ago as “the dumbest” voters in the country that he knew he could manipulate. As indictments for federal crimes mount and he loses civil court cases for sexual crimes, defamation and business fraud, Trump is amping up his gaslighting rhetoric and his followers remain loyal. If MAGA voters would read, they would understand that grand juries made up of average Americans are indicting him for crimes. Trump’s sociopathic attraction to violence drives his malicious targeting and blaming of specific law enforcement professionals for the legal jeopardy he faces. Trump followers should be forced to answer the question: Would they defend Joe Biden if he committed the same actions as their beloved ex-president?
Trump supporters become traumatized every time he loses in court. Trump-appointed judges continue to rule against his bogus lawsuits and inappropriate legal motions. His abuse of the court system is well-known and unpopular with judges from both parties. Sixty-two judges threw out his baseless claims of fraud in the 2020 election. Judges of both parties have ruled against his attempts to delay legal proceedings, to force change of venues in cases against him when he thinks it will favor him, and deny his requests for judges he doesn’t like to recuse themselves from his cases. HIS BEHAVIORS ARE TYPICAL OF GUILTY PEOPLE: HE CONSISTENTLY PLEAS THE FIFTH, HE IGNORES SUBPOENAS, HE THREATENS PROSECUTORS, HE ACCUSES OTHERS OF CRIMES HE COMMITS, HE BECOMES ENRAGED WHEN FACTS REVEAL HIS GUILT, AND HE SHIELDS HIMSELF FROM PROSECUTION BY HAVING ALLIES CARRY OUT CRIMINAL BEHAVIORS FOR HIS BENEFIT.

Why are Trump supporters unwilling to look at facts? Why are they so afraid to find out Trump has broken the laws? Why are they attracted to autocracy and rejecting of democracy? Why won’t they support another conservative Republican who is crime-free, emotionally stable, less angry, and less divisive? The Republican leadership is partially to blame. Their fear of being attacked by Trump has caused them to break their oath of office and damage democracy. Staying silent and supporting the MAGA takeover of their party should disqualify them from office.

Thankfully, people like District Attorney Fani Willis are not intimidated by the bullying of Donald Trump. Unlike wimpy Senators Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz, Willis is set to indict Trump and his allies for election interference in the Georgia 2020 presidential election. Despite Trump supporters’ view of Trump as an admirable strongman, most members of law enforcement are not impressed by his vengeful potty mouth. To most non-members of the Trump- cult, he looks and sounds ridiculous.

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