The New York Times Has Announced That Bidenomics Is Working. The Job Market Is Booming, Prices Are Coming Down, The Rate Of Inflation Is Slowing, And The Stock Market Is Doing Well. In Addition, Despite Republican Opposition To President Biden’s Infrastructure And Jobs Act, American Roads, Bridges And Broadband Projects Are Underway. Republican Members Of Congress Who Voted Against The Bill Are Taking Credit In Their States For Biden’s Bill. However, We Know Who The Hypocrites Are.

Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labor, ( Guardian, Aug. 2, 2023) wrote “Bidenomics is turning out to be the most successful set of economic policies the United States has witnessed in a half-century. It may not only give Joe another term but also give Democrats control over both houses of Congress. It may even put the nation on the path to widely shared prosperity for a generation.”

Lael Brainard, the director of the National Economic Council, reports “the United States economy is out- performing other advanced nations. She said that inflation in the U.S. was now the lowest among the Group of 7 countries while its recovery from the pandemic has been the strongest.” ( New York Times. July 12, 2033). Biden has branded his economic success with the phrase, “good jobs, lower costs” and has committed to keep fighting to lower costs for families. Specific “facts” that prove Biden’s handling of the economy is succeeding are:

  • Inflation as cooled to 3% from last year’s 9%
  • Consumer spending is on the rise
  • Wages have increased
  • Job growth is hitting record highs
  • The unemployment rate fell to 3.5%
  • Biden’s infrastructure investments are creating higher paying jobs which will move Americans into the middle class

The better the economy gets the more Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Jim Jordan, incompetent Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and other far-right Republicans use bogus weaponized investigations to deflect from Biden’s successes. The bi-partisan bills that the Biden Administration have passed are beginning to pay off for the American people and Republican Trump allies in government are panicking. The fact that Trump voters are feeling the benefits of President Biden’s governing has caused Republicans to replace creating policy with weaponized revenge tactics. Jim Jordan, the main attacker of democrats, has his own scandals to worry about.

Despite accurate, credible reporting that the economy is strong and recovering beyond expectations, Jim Jordan is making false claims that the economy is a disaster. He constantly lies, protects criminals, threatens opponents, and so far has escaped being held accountable for his egregious behaviors. He is currently lying about having evidence that Joe Biden was involved in a bribery scheme with Burisma, the company Hunter Biden was doing business with. His manic political performances are identical to Trump’s embarrassing displays of hypocrisy and impulsivity. Like Trump, Jordan has severe character flaws that is poisoning the functioning of our government. As Biden continues to succeed, Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz and other MAGA members of Congress will keep looking for scandals to deflect attention away from Trump’s federal indictments and Joe Biden’s successes.

Why don’t Trump supporters care that Trump and other Republicans never talk about policy issues? Don’t they worry they might vote for candidates who plan to cut Medicare, Social Security and other social services that rural Americans rely on? Have they noticed Republicans never talk about healthcare costs or eliminating poverty?

Democrats need to stop looking at poll numbers and being distracted by the weaponized antics of the House of Representatives. Instead, they should send weekly flyers to red-state districts where infrastructure projects are underway due the Biden Infrastructure and Jobs Act. They should set up offices in red states and appear on local television stations talking about the issues facing those districts. Billboards should be erected with messages of unity, democracy, morality, and truth. Trump supporters only watch Fox Entertainment News. Therefore, all efforts should be made to communicate the Biden Administrations’ successes to the Republican electorate.

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