MAGA Republicans In The House Have Made It Acceptable To Weaponize Their Powers To Investigate A Sitting Presidents Son. Why Then Shouldn’t Senate Democrats Investigate The Former Presidents Kids And Their Involvment With Business Fraud And The Saudi’s? While The Republican Party Falsely Accuses The Democrats Of Weaponizing The Government Against Trump, They Are Engaged In A Weaponization Campaign Against The Biden Administration. Normalizing Hypocrisy Is Damaging To Democracy.

Ivanka Trump violated the Hatch Act eight times within 48 hours in 2020. The Hatch Act bars federal employees from using the power of their official positions to push partisan political outcomes. Ivanka routinely used social media to promote her father’s agenda which was an abuse of her political position. Ivanka learned from her father ii is ok to disregard the laws of this country whenever it was to her or her family’s advantage. Prior to the explosion of law-breaking tweets in 2020, Ivanka had already exhibited dubious behaviors in her role as senior advisor to the president. Ethics professionals saw Ivanka’s appointment to the president’s staff as a conflict of interest as she continued to own her fashion and jewelry business while serving in the White House. INVESTIGATIONS WOULD HAVE BEEN APPROPRIATE AGAINST IVANKA, HOWEVER, DEMOCRATS STILL TREAT TRUMP’S FAMILY AS IF LAWS AND ETHICS DON’T APPLY TO THEM.

The weaponizing Republicans are spending millions of taxpayer dollars investigating Hunter Biden for his overseas business dealings accusing him of cashing in on the Biden name. The hypocrisy of Trump and his family is arrogant and blatant. ” Though Trump’s team said the business would not enter any new overseas deals during his term, his family members continued to engage in business abroad. Meanwhile, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, continued to pursue financial interests in foreign countries.” However, the Trump kids are central to the business dealings of the Trump Organization so their overseas business dealings should have been investigated.

Don Jr. was involved in rallying the rioters on Jan. 6th and continues to spread the “big lie” which got his father indicted. Eric Trump’s charity was part of the Trump Foundation and was found to have misled donors about how their donations were being used. INVESTIGATIONS WOULD HAVE BEEN APPROPRIATE AGAINST DON JR. AND ERIC, HOWEVER, DEMOCRATS CONTINUE TO TREAT TRUMP’S FAMILY AS IF LAWS AND ETHICS DON’T APPLY TO THEM.

If Hunter Biden got paid $2 billion dollars from a foreign country, the weaponizer-in- chief Rep. Jim Jordan would be declaring treason and calling to “lock him up.” It’s a no- brainer that investigations should be ongoing about Jared’s connection to the Saudi’s and Russia. What was Trump’s motive in making the unqualified Kushner the advocate for Middle East peace? Why was Saudi Arabia the first foreign trip Trump took as president? Kushner had access to high-level classified information and spent a lot of time talking to the Saudi Prince and Israel’s alt-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During his time serving in the White House, Kushner and Ivanka’s wealth expanded by hundreds of millions of dollars. INVESTIGATIONS WOULD HAVE BEEN APPROPRIATE AGAINST JARED KUSHNER AND IVANKA, HOWEVER, DEMOCRATS STILL TREAT TRUMP’S FAMILY MORE CAUTIOUSLY THAN THE AVERAGE AMERICAN.
Hypocrisy, Dishonesty, And Discrimination Has Replaced What Was Once Called Compassionate Conservatism. President Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, signed legislation to end slavery, while the current Republican party pushes legislation to suppress the vote in predominantly black communities. Compassion, once touted as a trait of conservatism is now non- existent, most notably seen by it’s support of an autocratic, white nationalist, law-breaking candidate for the US presidency. Silent Senators and congressman who oppose what Trump stands for and acknowledge his incompetence and low character are as complicit in the crimes he is indicted for as he is. Vote them out of office for violating their oath of office to protect democracy.

The Republican House is playing to a base they know is incapable of realizing they are being lied to and gaslighted. Is the base dumb, gullible, star-struck, racist, afraid of non-white people, or too lazy to find a conservative candidate who isn’t a criminal? The majority of Americans, psychologists, and sociologists are trying to understand how so many people can believe Trump’s blatant lying and gaslighting. To most people his behaviors are not strong, funny, or impressive. They are cruel, dangerous, and incompetent. He is called a cartoonish joke in most countries except in the dictatorships, who see him as their gullible puppet. Despite the Republican base believing it’s macho and cool to be a rogue criminal candidate for the presidency, most Americans cannot wait to NOT vote for Trump.

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