When You’re Addicted To A Person, You Will Believe Everything They Say. You Will Also Forgive Them For Everything Bad And Wrong They Do. You Will Be Clueless To The Reality That You Are Being Used And Lied To. Donald Trump Is A Cult Leader Who Has Millions Of People Fooled Into Believing He Cares About Them.

For many years Trump appeared on the Howard Stern radio show boldly stating how he prefers rich, good-looking, prominent people over ordinary people. He said if he ever ran for president he would run as a Republican because republican voters are ” the dumbest group of voters in the country.’ Why do rural Republican voters believe Trump’s phony compliments and unfulfilled promises? Their blind, cult-like loyalty to him validates his negative opinions of them.

Hopefully, before it’s too late for the American democracy, Trump supporters will face the truth. Hopefully, the adolescent “high” of wearing that red hat, planning for the next hate-filled rally, or wasting time thinking of how backing Trump will bring prosperity will diminish after considering these questions:

  • How often does Trump or other MAGA politicians talk about alleviating poverty?
  • How often does Trump and other MAGA politicians talk about the struggles of the disabled?
  • How often does Trump specify his agenda to alleviate the problem of homelessness and crime?
  • Can you financially survive if Trump and Republicans eliminate social services and entitlement programs?
  • Why do you believe Trump’s claims of a stolen election just by his words without any evidence?
  • What would you want to happen to Joe Biden if the FBI found 100 boxes of government documents in his home?
  • Would it bother you if Joe Biden had secret conversations with Putin? If yes, why?
  • Why won’t you consider to support a traditional conservative candidate who has no history of criminal behavior?
  • Do you think a president should pass a test proving he understands the Constitution? If no, why?
  • Can you explain what a “deep state” means? Can you provide evidence that one exists and is targeting you?
  • If you claim to be a Christian who lives by the word of the Bible, why do you overlook that Trump is an adulterer, has been credibly accused by dozens of women of sexual abuse, has had his business, charity and university found guilty of fraud, spews racist, vengeful rhetoric, and incites violence over peace?
  • Would you be willing to decline any benefits that results from President Biden’s Administration if Trump asked you to? Explain yes or no.
  • Have you ever been a member of a cult? Would you be willing to read about what a cult is and how cults and cult leaders have historically ended badly?
  • Have you ever wondered why so many high-ranking members of all branches of the military see Trump as incompetent to be commander of the armed forces?
  • Do you think Trump’s recent announcement of his plans to give the US president full control of the government, take away the power of all the other branches and agencies of the government are good ideas? If yes, why? If no, why would you still vote for him?
  • How much of an increase in your wages did you receive while Trump was president?
  • Have you noticed Trump relies on conspiracy theories for content for his speeches.
  • Do you think it’s fair for Trump to pay less taxes than you do?
  • Can you tell the difference between a lie and the truth? Is it ok with you for Republicans to lie but not Democrats? If yes, why?
  • Should Trump supporters ask to be invited to Mara-a-Lago to repay for their loyalty? Would it bother you if Trump rejected that idea?
  • If Putin admitted that Trump told him classified information would you stop supporting him? If no, why not?

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