Miles Taylor, Former Chief Of Staff At The Dept. Of Homeland Security During The Trump Administration Spoke At A Book Signing In Los Angeles This Week About The Cruelty And Incompetence He Witnessed  Donald Trump Exhibit While He Was President. Taylor Outed The Heinous Dangerousness Of Trump In His Book,” A Warning” By Anonymous 5 Years Ago. His New Book, “Blowback”  Speaks Of The Continued Threat Facing America By Trump And MAGA And Warns As A Country We Must Fight To “Save Democracy From The Next Trump.”

By 2018, witnessing Trump’s cruelty and incompetence was more than Taylor could take. In “A Warning”, he publicly expressed proof that Trump was alarmingly unfit to be president. He left his position because he could no longer tolerate the corruption occurring in the administration or remain a member of the Republican party. After unmasking in himself in 2020 as the author of “A Warning”, Taylor became the target of Trump’s pathological  violent style of revenge. Yelling, TREASON” on social media Trump incited his supporters and as a result Taylor and his family received threats to their safety. He called for Taylor to be turned over to the DOJ for national security reasons. Taylor suffered emotional, physical, professional, and financial harm from Trump’s hate-filled attempts to seek revenge. When he decided to write “A Warning” anonymously his intention was to rob Trump of the opportunity to deflect against the accusations made in the book by giving him a person to target. However, as the 2020 election approached Taylor decided to unmask himself and model brave, patriotic behavior in the hope he would influence his scared, silent republican colleagues to speak out against Trump.” Eventually, some followed his lead and testified to the Jan. 6th Select Committee. Unfortunately, the integrity shown by Trump’s former attorneys and white house staff members didn’t result in support from Republican members of the administration or Congress.

In ” Blowback” Miles Taylor recounts the acts of corruption and crime Trump brazenly admits to committing. However, he doesn’t call his crimes criminal acts, Instead, he says because the US president has “total authority” every action he takes is legal. In Trump’s mind, there is nothing wrong with anything he does. He calls criminal acts he commits “perfect”. Examples of Trump’s disturbing, cruel misogynistic inclinations that Taylor witnessed Trump express in the Oval Office are:
  • Fantacizing about replicating North Koreas demilitarized zone on the US southern border including landmines, electric fences and armed guards.
  • Describing the design of flesh- piercing spikes he wanted on the border wall
  • Musing about US soldiers firing on civilians, including targeting pregnant mothers from keeping them from reaching the border
  • Lavished praise on foreign dictators and adversaries, especially Vladmir Putin.
  • . Expressed envy about autocracies where presidents could do whatever they wanted, unconstrained by congresses and judges
  • Considered eliminating appellate courts that overruled him
  • Writing executive orders to invoke the Insurrection Act to impose a version of martial law
  • Making derogatory comments about women looks
  • Making grotesque sexual references to his own daughter
  • Telling border patrol agents to illegally deny migrants to seek asylum and promising agents he would pardon them if they carried out his orders
Miles Taylor is warning us that even if Trump is eliminated, he had created an anti-democracy movement that will survive him if Americans and the US government doesn’t continue the fight to destroy it. In “Blowback” Taylor says “Democrats, Independents, and reformed-minded Republicans must “keep our eyes open, proactively protect our institutions, and not hide from the deeper menace of illegal acts, long-lasting lies, misused presidential powers, assassination plots, and the “bystander phenomenon” which is the hidden threat to democracy.

In “Blowback”, Taylor reveals shocking revelations about Trump and Trumpism and what bystander Republicans think and feel but are too afraid or opportunistic to admit in public. Senators like Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, and others should show their loyalty to democracy and the Constitution and do what senators did to Richard Nixon: tell him it’s time to go.

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