COMPETENT, POWERFUL MEN, LIKE JACK SMITH SCARE THE HELL OUT OF Donald TRUMP. The Rule Of Law Is Finally Holding Him Accountable. In A Speech Last Week, He Announced That If Re-Elected He Will Expand The Power Of The Presidency To Control All Branches Of Government And Eliminate All Checks And Balances On The Executive Branch. His Reaction To His Indictments Has Been To Obstruct The Legal Process With Delay Tactics, Threaten Revenge On Opponents, Asking The GOP House To Protect Him, And Accuse Others Of The Crimes He Is Committing.

Trump is embarrassingly showing how afraid he is of Special Counsel Jack Smith. In the 1970’s Trump was trained by mafia attorney Roy Cohn on how to avoid criminal prosecution for both small and heinous crimes. Trump’s tactics to avoid getting caught has been to intimidate his accomplices in crime into giving him blind loyalty and go to jail for him, to spread disinformation, to talk in ” code”, to incite violence, to gaslight vulnerable people, to ignore subpoenas, to plead the fifth when testifying, and to use non-traceable modes of communication. HOWEVER, JACK SMITH IS PROVING TRUMP’S MAFIA-LIKE TRAINING CANNOT PROTECT HIM FROM THE RULE OF LAW. SMITH IS USING TRUMP’S OWN WORDS ON SOCIAL MEDIA, AT RALLIES AND IN INTERVIEWS TO PROVE HIS GUILT.
The Majority Of Americans Reject Authoritarianism. Those Who Support Donald Trump Also Support His Attempt To Dismantle Democracy And Transform America Into A One-Party Autocracy. Should voting for an a overlord result in the loss of the right to vote in a democracy?


Politicians from both political parties have never supported a candidate that calls for America to become an autocracy. Cult leaders like Jim Jones, Charles Manson and Donald Trump are masters of mind controlling the weak, meek members of society. They are sociopaths without empathy and driven to gain power to gratify their fragile egos and damaged psyches. America and the founding fathers intended this country to be moral, fair, diverse, tolerant, and principled. The explanations for Trump’s continued control over so many people is his talent for gaslighting, intimidating, and lying. As our democracy holds him accountable for his crimes, (as it would any citizen), Trump continues to convince his followers that his “god-like specialness” makes him above the law.


  • Democratic President: An elected official having the position of chief of state but usually having only minimal political powers in a democratic republic. The people hold the most power.
  • Autocrat: A leader claiming absolute power over a state with power concentrated only in his hands. The autocrats decisions are subject to no external mechanisms in the government or control hy the people.
  • Dictator: a person who rules with total authority, often with extreme cruelty.
  • Cult leader: A charismatic leader who dominates his followers by brainwashing them into following him with rigid loyalty. The goal of the cult leader is to obtain power and money and humiliation, dishonesty and manipulation are tactic used to meet these goals.

In the 2024 election, voting on what the candidates stand for is more important than voting for the personality of the candidate, their age, or their party. The 2024 is an election to either save the American form of democracy or promote an autocracy that is falsely called a democracy to fool vulnerable, under-educated, extremist alt-right American voters.

Vote for decency, competence, and equality in 2024.

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