Trump’s Corrupt Intention To Takeover All The Branches Of Government Should Scare Every American. Sadly, Leaders Like Kevin McCarthy Are Supporting His Intentions Despite The Damning Evidence Against Him In The Documents Indictment. McCarthy Will Do Anything Anti-Democracy To Keep Trump On His Side. Even Secret Military Documents Around Trump’s Toilet Won’t Deter Him. Additionally, Trump Has Successfully Brainwashed His Base That The Government Is “Coming After Them”, Without Naming For What, When, OR Why.

Anyone with a sixth grade education knows Trump accuses other people of doing the crimes that he is actually committing. Psychiatrists have recently appeared on cable news shows reminding us that Trump exhibits the characteristics of a narcissist and sociopath. Since the indictments on the Mara-a-Lago document scandal happened, Trump has been accusing the DOJ of conducting a politically motivated, weaponized campaign against him. Then in a speech he declared if elected president he will direct ” his” DOJ to investigate Joe Biden, “the most corrupt president in the history of the United States”. So he declares weaponizing the DOJ is a threat to the American democracy and then admits he is going to weaponize his DOJ if he wins the presidency. This behavior is one of the many reasons why Trump is called stupid, sociopathic, and autocratic.
He keeps saying he had the right to take the documents based on the Presidential Records Act law. The opposite is true about what that law says. He has admitted the the crime but declares his actions are not crimes and is emboldened by a scared Republicsn party and a brainwashed, uneducated base of voters. The law says:
Trump keeps exposing himself either as a lying gaslighter or someone who isn’t incapable of comprehending even 1% of the laws in the Constitution. He keeps repeating that he is innocent because the Presidential Records Act gave him permission to take whatever he wanted because he was the president. Any sixth grader could understand that the law says once a president is out of office, all of his records must be returned to the government. Why are Trump supporters shocked when they are called gullible or stupid for supporting a candidate who is illiterate about the Constitution?
McCarthy knows the truth. He knows 5he ” big lie” is a lie. He knows Trump incited the insurrection. He knows Trump broke the law and endangered national security by stealing and recklessly managing the classified documents. He knows the indictments are justified and that no weaponization of the DOJ by Biden is taking place. He knows Trump is not competent to be president. Elected Republican officials are weak, scared or silent and like McCarthy are complicit in the attacks against the Constitution and the rejection of traditional American laws and values.


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