In America, If You Try To Overthrow The Government, Threaten To Kill Members Of Congress, And Try To Block The Peaceful Transfer Of Power You Will Go To Prison. Founder Of The Domestic Terrorist Group The Oathkeepers, Elmer Stewart Rhodes, Was Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison For His Role In The Jan. 6th Insurrection. The Judiciary Is Winning In It’s Commitment To Saving Democracy Against The Republican Party’s Support Of A Fascist America.

FACISM: “A governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.” Additionally, control of the media, suppression of free speech, and the use of violence against opposition are common features of fascism.

Former president Donald Trump and his allies in Congress support what Rhodes did leading up to and on Jan. 6th. They believe in many of the beliefs held by fascist governments. They support the perverted, dangerous goal of transforming America into an autocratic, racist country consistent with the philosophies of white supremacy. By admitting he plans to pardon violent seditionists like Rhodes, Trump is admitting he is an autocrat and a domestic threat to the survival of America’s democracy. The Oathkeepers and the Proud Boys are white supremacist groups that believe non-white, non-Christian people are the antithesis of what America stands for. In reality, any American who votes for a politician who would support pardoning a seditionist, domestic terrorist is a fake American and is a dangerous to the survival of democracy.
It is well-documented that Donald Trump has closely studied the style and philosophies of infamous dictators. He has publicly demonstrated that retaining power is more important to him than preserving human life and the freedoms and dignity of all people. By supporting the likes of Elmer Stewart Rhodes and Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio, Trump and Trump-supporting members of Congress are admitting they support transforming the American government into a Republican controlled autocracy. The normalization of lying, political violence, conspiracy theories and racism now defines the ideology of the Republican party. However, with the recent convictions of Rhodes, Tarrio and their subordinates, the Judiciary Branch of the American government is proving the democratic values embedded in the Constitution are successfully resisting the autocratic MAGA movement.

POLITICAL HYPOCRISY: Political hypocrisy or hypocrisy in policy refers to any discrepancy between what a political party claims and the practices the party is trying to hide. Behaving in ways that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel.”

During and following the Jan. 6th Trump- inspired insurrection, many prominent, super- conservative Republicans publicly denounced Trump and his attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

Like Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, speaker Kevin McCarthy has chosen to abandon democratic values and downplay the insurrection and promote the ” the big lie”. These men are ” passive seditionists” and the DOJ should stop being timid about going after them for spreading dangerous lies and supporting the anti- democratic MAGA movement. Other members of Congress who asked Trump for pardons should be investigated for their probable complicity in the planning and execution of the insurrection.

Why should a democracy keep elected officials in office who publicly claim America is a white nationalist country, who support blocking the peaceful transfer of presidential power, who ignore congressional subpoenas, who support an autocrat for the presidency, who spread conspiracy theories and who favor seditionists over law enforcement efforts to protect the democratic process remain in office? Democracy is great, however, reform is now needed to guarantee it’s survival.

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