Republicans Can No Longer Claim They Are The Party That Protects Personal Freedoms. However, They Can Claim To Be The Party That Only Protects The Rights Of White, Christian, Gun-Obsessed, Anti-Gay, Anti- Trans, Anti-Women, And Anti- Poor Americans. Those Who Embrace That Vision Of America Mirror The Cruelty Of Donald Trump And Ron DeSantis. MAGA Voters Should Realize What Their Lives Would Look Like If They Became The Target Of A Radicalized Opposition Party.

Democrats pursue policies that support equal rights for all people. They are also against supporting individual rights that violate the individual rights of others. Religious Americans claim their right to exercise their religious beliefs should supercede the rights of others who hold different beliefs. The alt-right believe if they don’t approve of how other people execute their personal freedoms, Republican politicians should take away those freedoms. THAT IS AUTOCRACY, NOT DEMOCRACY. WHAT IF THE POWER WAS IN THE HANDS OF A GOVERNMENT AIMED AT BANNING BOOKS THAT MENTIONED THE WORD CHRISTIANITY OR JESUS? OR RESTRICTING A MAN’S RIGHT TO OBTAIN A VASECTOMY? In an autocracy, that could happen.

Questions for maga loyalists to answer about racism, hypocrisy, personal freedoms, and morality.

RACISM: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

  • Do you support laws that reduce the access to vote for blacks in poor areas? If yes, why?
  • Do you agree with banning books about historical facts related to slavery, the Holocaust, and the Civil Rights movement? If yes, why? How would you feel about banning books by the opposition party that mentioned Christrianity and Jesus?
  • Do you agree with going against the Constitution and closing our borders to black and hispanic asylum seekers? If yes, do you realize that is an anti- democracy policy?
  • What action should be taken against a democratic president who made racist comments and befriended white supremacists groups?
  • If Trump got re-elected would it bother you if he invited Nazi’s to the White House? If he pardoned convicted seditionists? If no, why?
  • Why do you think Nazi’s support Trump? Why do you think Nazi’s dislike democrats?

HYPOCRISY: The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

A hypocrite is unprincipled. They complain about something in another person that they are guilty of themselves. Hypocrisy is a form of lying. This trait is dangerous and should disqualify a person from holding public office.
  • Do you realize that by Senator Mitch McConnell pushing the appointment of Amy Coney-Barrett to the Supreme Court three weeks before the presidential election, he hypocritically violated his prior position that a sitting president cannot appoint a judge to the Supreme Court during the last year of his/her presidency? He blocked Obama’s appointment of Merritt Garland nine months before the 2012 election.
  • Do you think it is excusable for Donald Trump to disparage other people as liars when he has told over 30,000 provable lies?
  • Do you see the hypocrisy shown by evangelicals who claim to believe in the morals mentioned in the Bible and yet vote for Trump who committed adultery on all three of his wives? If not, explain why.
  • Can you see the hypocrisy in the banning of drag shows in the name of protecting children, while refusing to create laws that protect children from being killed in mass shootings at school
  • If Joe Biden hid and lied about having classified documents and refused to return them, would you support him being indicted? If yes, then why do you oppose Trump being indicted?
  • If Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez had the same charges filed against her that are filed against House Rep. George DiSanto, what action would you want to being taken against her by the Democrats?
If you tell me I can no longer read what I want to read in school because it offends you, can I tell you to tell you can no longer wear your MAGA hat in public because it offends me? If not, explain your logic. We either Iive in a free society or we don’t. Laws should be fair and consistent towards all people and all political parties.
  • If you support restricting a woman’s reproductive freedom, do you agree it would be fair to restrict a man from getting a vasectomy or force him to reverse a prior vasectomy? If no, why not? What is the difference?
  • If your son or daughter was gay, would you still support anti- gay legislation?
  • Do you think your freedom to carry an assault weapon is more important than another persons freedom to feel safe in public? If yes, why? The Second Amendment does not mention AR-15s.
  • Do you think Christians should have more rights to assert their religious beliefs in school than non-Christians? If so, why?
Elon Musk has worsened the toxicity that already existed on Twitter. Lies and conspiracy theories should be banned. Our laws should reduce violence, not encourage it to spread.

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