Trump’s Bizarre Town Hall Appearance In New Hampshire Once Again Reveals Severe His Mental Pathology. It Also Revealed How CNN Has Been Taken Over By The Right Wing And May Become Another Casualty Of The Trump Curse. The Town Hall Ramblings By The Indicted Ex-President Included Admission Of Crimes He Is Accused Of Committing, More Defamation Of E. Jean Carroll, And Pathological Examples Of Narcissism, Lying, And Misogyny.

Trump bullied and demeaned anchor Kailyn Collins calling her a ” nasty woman” when she pressed him on the issue of the classified documents found at Mara-a- Lago. Most of Trump’s comments exposed his racism, dishonesty, autocratic view of the presidency, pervasive incompetence, character flaws, and criminality. The cringeworthy performance by Trump included:

  • Recycled, debunked lies about the 2020 election being rigged. His severely weak ego was on display revealing he is pathologically incapable of sustaining self-esteem when he loses.
  • Championing the insurrectionists. He said they have been badly mistreated and promised pardons to them should he become president.
  • Downplayed the violence at the Capitol saying ” a few people loss control.”
  • Incorrectly blamed Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the violence at the Capitol. The Speaker of the House has no control over the operations of the Capitol Police.
  • Committed defamation again against E. Jean Carroll just days being found liable of defamation and sexual assault of Ms. Carroll
  • Refused to apologize to VP Mike Pence and repeated his assertion that Pence ” did something wrong” by not refusing to certify the results of the election
  • Evaded direct answers to questions about backing Ukraine in the Russian invasion or whether he would support a federal abortion ban
  • Called Capitol police Officer Byrd a ” thug” for firing the shot that killed violent insurrection ist Ashli Babbett.
  • Indicated family separation immigration policies would return
  • Admitted to stealing the classified documents. He said, ” I took the documents. I’m allowed to.”
  • Lied about what he said on the phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger. He said, ” I didn’t ask him to find anything.” On the call he specifically asked Raffensberger to ” find me 11,780 votes.”

The media continuously point out that not “all” Trump supporters are violent, religious extremists, racists, crazy, or cultists. However, 87% percent is a high enough majority to see the Republican party as threatening American values, democracy, and equal individual freedoms for all Americans. The base of the GOP and the corrupted or silent Republican members of Congress are participating in an extremist move away from democracy and towards autocracy. Trump loves the global dictators and autocrats and denigrates allied leaders of democracies worldwide. So Trump supporters should get honest and stop defending themselves as patriots by hiding behind statements about not liking his unpleasant personality because they want his policies. His policies are racist, violent, anti-Constitution, cruel, and dangerous to national security. MAGA Trump supporters should be honest and admit they share Trump’s values and views and stop whining about being criticized. Stop pretending it’s all about just loving Trump and admit to favoring a white-only, Christian-only, male-dominated, and cherry-licked version of the Bible.

CNN was complicit in this toxic town hall by not compiling a mixed audience of voters and choosing an anchor who was strong and committed to journalism instead of performance politics. The station has received criticism for producing what they knew would be a platform for lies and dangerous, anti- democracy rhetoric by Trump.

It is the responsible of all voters to base their support of a party or candidate on facts, not unrearched assertions by elected officials. Responsible voters educate themselves on the issues and reject conspiracy theories and proven lies. A voter who votes only on the basis of party affiliation or how much fun they have at rallies are a threat to democracy. If Kanye West was a democratic candidate for the presidency, the majority of democrats would vote Republican that year. Republicans have proven that to gain power and for their extreme religious views, they would vote for any dangerous wacko just because they are Republican.
Democratic ideology and policies help the poor, rural Trump supporters more than MAGA policies do. Vote Democrat, independent, or any candidate that disagrees with the toxic vision Trump has for America.

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