In Her Civil Case Against Donald Trump, E. Jean Carroll Has Shown Strength By Asserting The Mysoginist Bully Donald Trump Raped Her. Her Principled Courage Makes His Subserviant Allies Look Weak And Emasculated. Carroll Has Shown No Sign Of Being Intimidated By Trump’s Cruel Retaliations. There Was A Creepy, Misogynistic Moment In His Deposition With Carroll’s Attorney When, With An Eerie Smirk He Said, “You’re Not My Type Either. Hope That Doesn’t Offend You.” Millions of Women Were Hoping She Would Respond With “And You’re The Opposite Of My Type.”


Why so many people have sat stone-faced while Trump verbally attacked and degraded them is a mystery to anyone with self-esteem. Trump is funny-looking. He is inarticulate. He has done and said things that make him look cartoonish. He has lost elections, been indicted for a crime, and has inevitable indictments coming for crimes to overthrow our government. Otherwise successful, formidable people have stayed silent while he has publicly abused and humiliated them, but not the 79 year-old E. Jean Carroll. She is winning him at his game of suing people in court.

E. Jean Carroll and several other women during the trial have come forth describing similar stories of how Trump sexually assaulted them. Since he became president, twenty-six women have come out accusing him of sexual assault. The pattern of behavior these women describe him engaging in is one of a manipulative predator. The judge allowed the Access Hollywood tape to be played in court where Trump describes sexual assault behaviors he has committed. On the tape, he describes women as complicit by saying, ” and they let you do it if you’re a star.” Everyone knows Trump has sexually assaulted women. The societal sickness that has afflicted America is one of acceptance of these crimes because it’s just “Trump being Trump”. Along with racism and anti- Semitism, he has normalized white-male misogyny.

On the Access Hollywood tape, Trump admitted he “can’t control himself when he sees a beautiful woman.” He admitted kissing them without their consent. In his own words, he is describing behaviors that dozens of women have accused him of doing to them. The behavior Trump’s ex- wife Ivana described Trump inflicted on her was characteristic of a rape. Trump’s behavior while in that Bergdoff Goodman dressing room as described by E. Jean Carroll is eerily similar to Ivana’s accounting of being raped by Trump while they were married. What does it say about women who believe that the ALL the accusations of sexual assault by Trump are false? Would these Trump-adoring women accept a date from a man on a dating app if he claimed that although he had been accused by an ex-wife and 26 other women of sexual asssult, he was innocent?
Wake up rural, evangelical Republican Americans! You have been duped, used, gaslighted and manipulated. The only road to redeeming your patriotism and integrity is to reject Trump and support a sane conservative who believes in democracy over autocracy. In an autocratic government, a non- Republican leader could ban all books that mention Christianity and restrict men from getting vasectomies. In an autocracy, freedoms are promised, but in reality are restricted by an intrusive government.

If Republican Americans needed to rally around a cult leader, why did they choose someone so mentally deviant and dangerous? If our state governments want to eliminate democracy and support an autocratic federal system government, MAGA Trump supporters could legally be mandated by an opposition party to submit to intensive psychotherapy or to take anti-psychotic medications. There is no end to losing freedoms if alt-right Republicans stay in power or if democracy disappears.

Graham and Cruz: Winners of the men most emasculated by Donald Trump. Take a lesson from E. Jean Carroll and grow a spine.

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