Deaths In America From Gun Violence Is At A Shameful, Alarming Level. Creepy People Who Attend NRA Conventions And Dress Up Like Cowboys And Militia Need To Be Marginalized. Gun Fanatics Are Alt- Right Conservatives Who Hypocritically Cherry-Pick the Constitution By Defending And Distorting The Meaning Of The Second Amendment While Attacking The Rights They Oppose. Over 80% Of Americans Support Gun Reform Legislation. The Greed Of The NRA And Members Of Congress Are Causing Preventable Deaths. It’s Time To Destroy Their Power.

Over 80% Of Americans Support Gun Reform Legislation. The Crazies Who Insist They Need AR-15s To Defend Themselves Are A Fanatical Minority. When interviewed by the media, these gun owners sound angry, uneducated, cold, and dangerous. They argue that any limitations on gun ownership will lead to the loss of other Constitutional rights. This nonsensical argument is proof that alt-right gun owners do not understand the origin and intent of the Second Amendment. Additionally, those who vehemently argue that citizens should be allowed to own military assault weapons are indifferent to the thousands of people, many of them children, who are slaughtered by weapons of war while in school, buying groceries, enjoying a concert, or attending church or temple.

The hypocrisy of the NRA is disgusting. They are afraid of getting shot so they ban guns from their gatherings yet they support the average citizen to publicly walk their neighborhood carrying an AR- 15. The NRA, led by another alt-right male stain on society Wayne LaPierre needs to be labeled a threat to public health and safety. The organization’s thirst for money is the #1 killer of American children. The psychological profile of male MAGA gun fanatics includes immaturity, insecurity, and toxic masculinity. The gun-fanatic females appear desperate for attention and look ridiculous posing with assault weapons. These people get too much attention for their views and are given too much power to elected officials. They are a minority filled with hate, irrational fears, and religious extremism. America has outgrown the mentality and beliefs of the MAGA followers and election by election their voice is being rejected. Change is slow, but it’s coming.

People are being slaughtered across all settings of society. If legislation banning assault weapons, requiring universal background checks, and red flag laws would pass, more kids would survive childhood and gun addicts might grow up.

Republican Rep. Tom Massie from Kentucky and his family look ridiculous and repulsive in this photo. Everyone knows no one needs an assault weapon to protect themselves from a burglar. Getting emotionally aroused by holding a gun is weird. Why is the majority of gun-fanatics like the Massie clan white, “supposedly” peace-loving Christians? The hypocrisy of these Second Amendment extremists is astounding. They profess to be pro-life because of their misguided perception that an embryo is a person, however they are fine with women dying from being denied reproductive medical care. The arguments that people like the Massie family assert expose their inability to engage in critical thinking. They say any restriction on guns negates the Second Amendment. That’s just dumb. They say sensible gun laws equal a loss of freedom and if enacted will lead to the loss of other rights and privileges. Don’t they know that our democracy has restrictions on other rights such as free speech? The fetish about guns isn’t about self-protection. For many men, it’ s about their fledgling masculinity. For others, a paranoia exists about government and people who are different than the white mainstream.

No other developed country gives its citizens the right to obtain any style of gun and any amount of guns to intimidate and kill fellow citizens. The big lie about having unregulated access to firearms is that there is no connection between gun ownership and gun violence and mass shootings. Republican party policies have caused more deaths in the last six years than most other diseases. Their anti-vax policies during the pandemic, the refusal to pass sensible gun reform laws, the anti-abortion movement, and the insurrection have accumulated a body count that should eliminate the GOP from mainstream politics. If President Biden and the Senate majority love America, they will go bold and rogue and neuter as much of the evil-doing by Trump, the GOP House, and misguided, cult MAGA voters

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