President Biden Announced He Is Running For Re-Election. If Indicted Ex-President Donald Trump Is The Republican Nominee, Biden Will No Doubt Win A Second Term And “Finish The Job” He Started In His First Term. With Other Indictments Imminent For His Role In The Jan. 6 the Insurrection And The Stolen Classified Document Scandal, Independent Voters And Non- MAGA Republicans Will Abandon Support Of Trump’s Candidacy Which Is Nothing More Than A Grifting Scheme Of His Supporters.

President Biden has been getting a lot done for America. The more he accomplished the more corrupt and dishonest the Republican party has become. There are two factions of the party that will be held responsible for this dark era of Americannpolictics; the MAGA Trump Republicans and the silent Republican wimps who have chosen opportunism over democracy and American values.

President Biden has delivered beyond expectations with the two parties being so divided. His ideology and values support personal freedoms. He is pushing to preserve reproductive freedom for women, the freedom students to read books about the accurate history of America, the freedom for all Americans to have equal access to vote, and the freedom to go to church, temple, a movie theater, the grocery store, a nightclub, school and your own front yard without fear of becoming the victim of a mass shooter.

MAGA Trump supporters exhibit the same disordered thinking and aggressive, anti- social behaviors as Trump. The facts about President Biden’s legislative and foreign policy successes are called lies or minimized by his cults following. Cultists are unreachable. MAGA Amerucans are aligned with Trump’s racism, greed, anti-Semitism and hypocrisy. Talking to them about the bipartisan legislation that Biden has passed or about the part of the Constitution that declares equal rights for all is a waste of time. History will see them as crazy and complicit in the damage Trump and his movement has inflicted on America. The man holding the sign in the above image is a patriot. He is a proud, conservative American who refuses to support a racist, incompetent autocrat to be President of the United States.

It’s worth remembering that the original Make America Great Again movement was led by Hitler- sympathizing white supremacists and members of the Ku Klux Klan. It’ s also worth remembering that Trump called Nazi’s is Charlottesville ” fine people” and has socialized with noted white supremacists and the anti-Semite Kanye West. Continuing to support Trump is an admission by his followers that they share his racist, anti- democracy ideology and deserve criticism of their character.
A large portion of Trump supporters are in the lower middle class. However, Trump has used his cult leadership skills to gaslight his poor supporters into believing he will make them rich. It’s sad to watch him play on the desperation of people struggling financially, under-educated, and fearful of a racially diverse democracy. Trump has publicly asserted that poor people are lazy. His policies ignore disadvantaged minorities, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and women. The irony about the hateful rhetoric that Trump supporters express towards President Biden is they are unapologetically gorging on the benefits resulting from the work of the Biden administration.
This picture is all any sane American needs as proof Trump is nothing more than a political prostitute willing to embrace any person or ideology if it brings him attention or power. If re-elected, he has announced he will pardon convicted insurrectionists. No thanks to Republicans for bringing this global shame and embarrassment to America for all the world to see. Thank you, Joe Biden, for restoring America’s international image and re-establishing morality and honesty in our government.

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