Fox’s Tucker Carlson, Russia’s Favorite U.S. Media Anchor, Got Fired Today. He Had No Warning And No Big Send Off By His Employers. Millions of Americans Have Been Used, Manipulated, And Humiliated By Tuckers Lies, Conspiracy Theories And Russia Propaganda Spreading. Democracy Is Still Endangered While News Outlets Like Fox And Other Alt- Right Disinformation Outlets Remain On The Air. Fox News Is Facing More Lawsuits And By Ousting Tucker, His Salary Can Be Used To Pay Millions For The Damage His Lies Have Caused To Others.

Tucker Carlson went too far even for the valueless Fox culture. The racist, Putin- loving, “big lie” spreading, violence- encouraging, and replacement fear promoting cost him his job. In what many are calling a money-driven, grievance move, Rupert Murdoch approved of getting rid of Carlson. Carlsib’s hatred of democrats, minorities, Jews, and anyone who holds different views from him has been a toxic influence on American culture for decades. Tucker’s firing, the $787,000,000 Dominion lawsuit payout, the harrassment suit pending by former Fox employee Abie Grossberg, the SmartMatic election software case and other lawsuits against Fox made today a win for protecting democracy. Wherever Tucker goes to spread his lies and thought distortions, this firing will haunt him and cause the eventual marginalization of his kind.
When and why did so many Americans become attracted to hating, violent, and racist leaders? Tucker Carlson buried facts like the one in this revealing photo of the essence of Trump’s sociopathic, hateful character. He investigates people and events looking for fraud to distract attention from his crimes, then buries the story when no wrongdoing is found. This dishonest practice has been embraced by Carlson and other Fox non-journalist entertainers as part of their mind-control manipulation tactics used to dupe their base into blind loyalty.
Tucker was a fan of the alt-right crazies who defended Russia’s invasion if Ukraine. He was also a fan of conspiracy theories, not because he believed them but because his base believed them, got emotionally high on them, and would turn to violence to defend them. Marjorie Taylor Green is a perfect example of a Tucker Carlson fan: hateful, white nationalist, anti-fact, anti-democratic and under- educated.
Hillary Clinton knew that Putin was a dangerous enemy of democracy. She knew Trump didn’t care about protecting America from Putin’s intrusion into our politics and elections. She tried to warn Americans that Trump was a puppet of Putin. During his presidency, Hillary’s assertion about Trump was proven to be true. He defended Putin over and over again, clearly enamored with how “strong” he continuously claimed Putin to be. The American military and the DOJ cringed in shame as they witnessed Trump emasculate himself in Putin’s presence. Tucker Carlson is revered in the Russian media, and hopefully, our intelligence community is trying to find out why. Whatever Fox’s motivation was to dump Tucker, let’s rejoice. Karma!

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