The Republican Party Was Given Permission From Donald Trump To Go Public With A White Christian Nationalist Identity. Republican Members Of Congress Assert America Is A White Christian Country. With Few Exceptions, The GOP Is Committed To Keeping Non-White Immigrants Out Of America, Suppressing The Vote In Heavily Black Districts, Banning Books About Slavery And The Holocaust, Spreading Fear-Mongering Rhetoric About A “Replacement Theory” Of White People And Supporting Government Forced Childbirth Based On Fanatical Religious Beliefs.

Trump is calculating, manipulative and driven by an addiction to power and self-interest. He knows that Nazi’s and white nationalists make up a large portion of his base so the gesture he is making in this photo is not an accident. The call to “stand back and stand by” he made to the Proud Boys during the presidential debate in 2019 was part of his calculated plan to incite the hate group to commit insurrection if he was voted out of office. Republicans are behind Trump despite his low character, criminality and racist ideology. Those who support Trump are admitting they share his anti- democratic values and ideology. Therefore, anything Trump gets convicted of should implicate his supporters and surrogates as well.

The autocratic movement Trump has inspired has spawned cruel, racist, anti- democratic surrogates who are stealing rights from Americans. The MAGA Republican’s fanatical religious, autocratic ideology opposes the rights of minorities, women, immigrants and members of the LGBTQ community. Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar and Lauren Boebert are among the members of Congress who espouse fascist views and our Constitution SHOULD be able to remove them from office. The MAGA movement is exposing laws in our Constitution that were meant to protect democracy and human rights but actually threaten their survival. Jurors sometimes get verdicts wrong, and sometimes voters get it wrong when they elect unfit people into public office. Repair mechanisms must be put in place that reduce the power of the vote of people who knowingly or unknowingly wrongly elevate disturbed people, traitors, or fascists into positions of power in our government.

Republicans like Ron DeSantis are gaslighters. He claims to be the protector of individual freedom yet he supports voters suppression measures, signed an extreme abortion ban law, limits student access to learning about specific portions of U.S. history, and shreds the rights of the LGBTQ community. His claim to being a protector of freedoms focuses on Second Amendment rights, Christian religious rights, and unborn fetus rights. Former Governor Chris Christy asserts DeSantis isn’t a conservative. For years, Republicans have claimed to be the party of small government. However, DeSantis is showing us that his alt-right ideology favors big government when it supports fascist ideology.

The careers of several Trump attorney’s and Trump surrogates have died. Americans who listened to Trump’s lies about Covid not being deadly died. A supporter who attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6th died. Police officers who defended democracy during the insurrection died. Over 1,000 Trump insurrectionists watched their freedom die because the DOJ convicted them of crimes against democracy and put them in jail. Members of Congress saw their time in office die prematurely. Let’s hope what dies next is Trumpism, the MAGA movement and disinformation.

President Biden passed five major bills with bipartisan support:

  • The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill
  • The American Rescue Plan in Response to COVID-19
  • The Gun Violence Reduction Act
  • The CHIPS Act
  • The Inflation Reduction Act

The Republicans have announced no legislative plans for healthcare, climate control, inflation, crime, or defending democracy at home and worldwide. However, they are keeping busy visiting insurrectionists in jail, interfering in the indictment of Donald Trump in New York, investigating Hunter Biden, and kissing Trump’s ass. Psychologists believe Trump and his ideology have created a cult of fear, religious worship, and control that has brainwashed millions of rural, white, uneducated evangelicals. If non-members of the MAGA cult vote, Trump is burnt toast.

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