Corruption Is Spreading Throughout The U.S. Government, And The Original Cancerous Tumor For The Recent Outbreak Was Donald Trump. GOP Hatred Of All People Who Are Not White Christian Republicans Existed In America Before Trump. What Caused The Hatred And Corruption In Metastisize Is The Behavior Of The Indicted Ex-President. The Current Republican Party Supports Autocracy, Iran- like Restrictions Of Women’s Rights, Large Government That Oppresses Minority Cultures And Religions, And Small Government When It Makes The Rich Richer.

By beating Trump in the 2020 election, America got a president who is not an adulterer, or an accused rapist, or an indicted criminal, or an investigated suspect in an insurrection, or a violater of the Presidential Protection Act, or a tax evade or a racist. By supporting the flawed Donald Trump, the Republicans have decided to accept an incompetent, dishonest criminal to run their party. The Trump and the GOP has normalized lying and by doing so millions of Americans have become desensitized to disinformation and will settle for believing whatever they are told. The MAGA constituents find the cruelty of Trump and his allies acceptable and funny. Unfortunately, being an honest, faithful, competent, compassionate man like Joe Biden is not as important to 35% of the Republican electorate as carnival- barking, false promises, and wearing silly hats at rallies.

Rep. Jim Jordan is as corrupt, cruel, and incompetent as Donald Trump. The big difference between them; Jordan kisses ass, and Trump doesn’t. Watching Jordan get away with exploiting his position as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee is a reminder that the rules of how our government works need reforming. Instead of working on passing legislation, Jordan is acting as a defense attorney for Trump in the indictment issued by New York DA Alvin Bragg. Jordan leads the movement to discredit all of the investigations pending against Trump. Rep. Ted Lieu asserts it is illegal for the GOP Judiciary to try to interfere in a pending criminal trial. So as the Republicans accuse Democrats of weaponizing the government against Trump, Jordan is weaponizing the House of Representations against the rule of law and violating the separation between the branches of government.
Rep. George Santos is still seated in Congress for one reason: The Republican Party accepts corrupt behavior by it’s members because power is more important to them than values. Santos is a proven liar, a fraud and is under investigation for fraud and theft in Brazil. If a democrat member of the House was caught telling any one of the lies Santos has told, Jim Jordan would be calling for them to resign or organizing a committee to sanction them. Hypocrisy should lead to dismissal from office. Hypocrite are frauds.
In this rare moment, Trump made sense. Of course, he believed this statement to be valid only when it applied to his formidable opponent Hillary Clinton when she was under a brief, misguided investigation by the FBI about her emails. Trump is possibly the most shameless hypocrite in U.S. political history. In his warped mind, now that he is the one being investigated by the FBI, he calls it a weaponized witch hunt aimed at keeping him from being re-elected. Delusional thinking is present in some forms of narcissism and sociopathy.
Friends of Putin who might pose a threat to our national security.

Their opposition to the U.S. defense of Ukraine in their fight against Russia’s invasion of their country may be a red flag for treason ist activity. This is why America needs the FBI. All voters must reject corruption and dishonesty when deciding which candidate to support. INSIST ON HONESTY.

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