Government Reform Is Possible. However, The MAGA Republicans Are Steeped In Lies, Greed, And Conspiracy Theories And Are Blocking Progress. The Roadmap To A Corruption-Free Government Must Include: Discarding the Electoral College, Banning Corporate Donations And Any Form OF Dark Money From Politics, Ending Lifetime Appointments Of Federal And Supreme Court Judges, Eliminating Minority And Majority Leadership Positions In Congress, Allowing For Presidents To Be Indicted, And Developing An Independent Ethics Board To Monitor The Behaviors Of Supreme Court Justices.

When Americans vote for the president, they are casting a vote for electors appointed by their state. The individual vote is counted into the popular vote however, the popular vote does not elect the president. The existence of an electoral college reduces the accuracy of calling America a true democracy. How state electors vote elects the president. The popular vote reflects who the majority of the people want to be the president. The Founding Fathers enacted the Electoral College to give what they believed gave an equal voice to less populated states. However, the result has been to weaken the power of the individual vote of people in more populated states. In a democracy, whoever wins the popular vote is the person ” We The People” wanted to be president.
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse -(D) has been leading investigations about how dark money and super pac donations lead to corruptive practices in Congress. “Dark money” is money contributed to non- profit organizations who use the donations to fund political campaigns without disclosure of the donors identity. “Super Pacs” disclose donors, but there is no limit to the amount of money they contribute to a party and specific campaigns. Candidates are being influenced and controlled to vote in alliance with special interest groups whose money helps them get elected. The only way to eliminate the disruptive influence that money inserts into politics is to put limits on the size of the donations and to regulate full transparency.
The current make-up of the Supreme Court is proof that reform is needed to combat corruption, arrogance, and hyper-partisanship. There is no logical reason for the Justices to be above reproach. It is an honor to serve on the Supreme Court. That honor should be respected by judges by behaving with integrity, transparency, and non-partisanship. Online site THINK ( NBC) July, 15, 2022 said, “there is little doubt that political parties increasingly use the nomination and confirmation process to cement power and control the composition of the court to better ensure that the law will be shaped to advance their political agendas.” Forty-nine states impose limits on judicial service, such as reducing tenure or setting a mandatory retirement age. Federal judges should not be above scrutiny and accountability.

A survey of 701 alumni judges was conducted in 2020 by the National Judicial College and 60% of the judges opposed lifetime judicial appointments. The results of the survey concluded the negative aspects that lifetime appointments led to were; “the corruption of absolute power, elderly or impaired judges staying on the bench too long, and the removal of accountability.”

An anonymous judge participating in the 2020 survey said, “The blatant partisanship of the confirmation process negatively affects the independence and integrity of the court.” Justice Clarence Thomas’s decades of corrupt behavior, the mysterious payoff of Brett Kavanaugh’s debts, and suspicions about Justice Alito leaking the Dobbs decision all point to the need for an ethics board to establish standards for the Court. Additionally, the Trump appointees Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney-Barrett are alt-right Christian conservatives that do not reflect where the majority of Americans stand on abortion, gun reform, federal protections for the poor, the disabled, and legal immigration. Generational change and the diversification of America’s population should be considered when appointing judges. However, the Supreme Court’s current operations lend themselves to picking judges that are disconnected from the general population and are rigidly aligned with their political party’s ideology.

If Presidents are not kings, and no one is above the law in America, then why is there a DOJ policy that a president cannot be arrested while in office? That policy is a contradiction. A president who breaks a law is a criminal. This policy makes the American government sound stupid. It defies Constitutional laws and US values. Prolonging a criminal president’s term in officd years is an assault on public safety and national security.

They were changing certain aspects of how the people should vote for our government. Democracy shouldn’t include the ideology of Donald Trump and MAGA politics. Remember, the origins of “Make America Great Again” had members of the Ku Klux Klan, Hitler sympathizers, and supporters of white nationalism. No elected official should be above arrest, and it shouldn’t talk so long for justice to be served.

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