This Week ProPublica Reported That Billionnaire And Hitler Memorabilia Collector Harland Crow Has Been Wining, Dining, And Transporting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas And His Wife, Alt- Right Activist Ginni Around The World In Boats And Jets For Years. Crow Also Bought Thomas’s Mother’s Home And Thomas Didn’t Report It. This Real Estate Transaction Violates The Ethics In Government Act. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Is Introducing A Bill That Seeks Accountability And Transparency Of Supreme Court Justices.

The Constitution has failed in it’ s attempt to protect America from corruption and insurrection. Supreme Court Justices police themelves. They can act unethical and keep their seats. Surprisingly, the Constitution does not require justices to have attended law school or to have law licenses. Although a justice can be impeached by the House, if a corrupt justice’s party holds the House majority, he or she can avoid impeachment. America has deified the presidency and the Supreme Court and in doing so has emboldened corrupt people to abuse their power while in office and weaken our democracy.

Clarence Thomas and his wife have reportedly taken lavish trips around the world on right-wing billionnaire Crow’s private jet and yacht. Crow is a conservative mega donor to the Republican party and befriended Thomas after he became a Supreme Court Justice. Both men insist they never discussed cases being ejudicated by the Court. However, Thomas not disclosing these expensive gestures of hospitality diminish the ability to trust any assertion of integrity he professes. Crow and Thomas are extreme right-wing conservatives and how Thomas votes never seems to deviate from Crow’s political positions. The Supreme Court currently has no process that monitors misconduct by the judges. Senator Whitehouse is pushing Congress to adopt stricter disclosure rules and enact a process for investigating the conduct at SCOTUS


For year Senator Whitehouse has been tracking the cozy involvement conservative Supreme Court Judges have engaged in with millionaire and billionaire donors. Whitehouse sounds the alarm about the lack of ethical guidelines for members of the Court.
“The Scheme” is a series about the plot by right-wing donor interests to capture the Supreme Court and achieve through the institution’s power what they cannot through other branches of government.” The bill is called The Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, Transparency Act ( SCERT). Co-author of the bill, Rep. Hank Johnson says the bill “will require justices of the Supreme Court to adopt and follow a code of ethics, creates an accountability mechanism for these ethics by establishing advisory review by appellate court judges, places transparency standards on gifts and travel, codifies recusal standards, and requires the court to disclose lobbying and dark money interests before it.” The alt-right rulings of the Trump-stacked Courthaves raised concerns about the justices being weaponized and politicized by conservative mega-donors and special interest groups.
Recent polls show trust and respect are at an all-time low for the Supreme Court. Overturning Roe v Wade and resistance to ruling in favor of reforming gun laws has damaged most Americans’ trust and respect for the Court. Additionally, Trump stacked the Court with judges who are members of the Federalist Society. This extreme right-wing legal organization has infiltrated law schools to shape the US judiciary to the far-right.

Washington insiders have acknowledged most Republicans dislike Donald Trump. However, his corruption, cruel/ vengeful nature, and incompetence have been tolerated because he satisfies their appetite for right-wing judge appointments. The influence of religion in politics by right-wing Republican members of Congress, federal judges, Supreme Court Justices, and dark money donors has caused Senator Whitehouse and other members of the Senate to take action to monitor the behavior of justices that could compromise the integrity of the Court’s rulings. Term limits also move the judiciary branch of government away from extreme partisan rulings that do not reflect the values and goals of an administration of the opposing party or the general population.

Thomas has been skating accountability for his sketchy behaviors for years. His greed, arrogance, and lack of transparency are now exposed in the Harland Crow scandal. One of his most corrupt traits is his constant refusal to recuse himself from cases where a conflict of interest exists. He is part of the “stench” on the Court that Justice Sonya Sotomayor has referred to publicly.

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