MAGA Republican Extremist Policies Will Help Democrats Sweep The 2024 Elections. Example: The Tennessee House Of Representatives Expelled Two Young Black Members For Peacefully Protesting With Constituents For Gun Control Reform. MAGA Policies Violate The Constitution And Defy The Will Of The Majority Of Americans On Gun Reform, Women’s Reproductive Freedoms, And The Freedom Of Educators To Teach About Black History, The Holocaust And Any Topic The White Nationalist Ideology Movement Finds Unacceptable. I

Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were un- democratically expelled from their congressional seats by an alt-right, white male-dominated House of Representatives in Tennessee. The country has reacted in outrage at Tennessee’s legislature and the two Justins have become beacons of hope for democracy. The third representative, Gloria Johnson, escaped expulsion and when asked why she believed she was spared expulsion, she said, “because I’m white.” Jones and Pearson report being consistently treated with disrespect by white members of the Tennessee House. Both men are talented communicators committed to fighting for gun reform, fighting against racist practices in their state’s government, and the preservation of how our democracy should operate. Quoted in Democracy Now (April 7, 2023), Jones said, “They thought by expelling us they would silence us, they would silence our movements that we’re part of, but in fact they’ve amplified it, because the nation can see how racist they are. The nation can see how retaliatory and absurd and authoritarian they are.” The Nashville Metropolitan Council voted Monday to return Justin Jones to the state Legislature after he was removed last week by Republicans.” Justin Pearson is expected to be reinstated to his seat this Wednesday. A special election will then be held so members of each of the representatives districts can vote to officially reinstate them.

These Nashville students are serious about letting their legislators know that it’s time to choose their lives over NRA donations to their campaigns. Similar demonstrations by young Americans are happening across the country. These young voters are a powerful voting block and Republicans have lost their trust. Support of the movement to ban assault weapons and expand background checks has a 63% approval rating by Americans of both parties. Despite the dismal reality of an epidemic of mass shootings in America, Republican legislators continue to avoid supporting gun reform laws. Despite GOP support of no restrictions on gun ownership the movement by citizens to address gun violence and mass shooting is growing in size and intensity. On the 100th day of the year, there have been 146 mass shootings. The majority of Americans in both parties support sensible gun control laws and a ban on military assault weapons. SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM PROUDLY DECLARED HE OWNS AN AR-15. WHY? ANNOUNCING THIS RIGHT AFTER THREE AMERICAN CHILDREN DIED AT THE MASS SHOOTING IN NASHVILLE WAS DISGUSTING. ADDITIONALLY, KNOWING THIS SENATOR OWNS A WEAPON AND DEMONSTRATED UNCONTROLLABLE EMOTIONALITY ON CAMERA BECAUSE TRUMP GOT INDICTED FOR FELONIES IS DISTURBING. It4SR

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