During His Presidency, Trump Weaponized The Department of Justice, Congress, The IRS And The Courts To Further His Political And Personal Interests. MAGA Republicans Project Their Wrongdoings Onto Their Opponents And Call Legitimate Investigations Against Trump Weaponized Witch Hunts, They Deflect Away From The Weaponizing They Are Engaged In Doing. Hypocrisy And Lying To The American People Should Be A Criminal Offense. Those Behaviors Don’ t Serve The People, But Rather, They Exploit The People.

It makes no sense to think all the accusations and investigations concerning Trump are false. It’s illogical, naive, and paranoid to think that legal and political professionals would risk their careers and reputations by accusing Trump of crimes he could easily prove he didn’t commit. Long before he became president, he was known in New York for consorting with speedy characters who were engaged with him in unlawful business practices. His mob training in how to avoid legal accountability helped him for decades. Now, justice is closing in on him. His many allies may go down with him.

Rep. Jim Jordan continues to lower his credibility as a member of Congress and as a person by his incompetent performance as House chair of the committee investigating the imaginary weaponization he accuses the Justice Dept. waging against Donald Trump. Even when Trump is removed from our politics, extremists like Jordan will continue to attempt to shred the Constitution and transform America into a white nationalist, one-party system. In theory, the Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government should be investigating federal government practices that could be unlawful or unethical and damaging to the American people. The committee should function in a non-partisan manner in pursuit of the truth about federal intelligence practices. Instead, Jim Jordan is leading the committee down an embarrassing, partisan rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and revenge campaigns against democrats such as:

(Reported in Politico, Feb. 24, 2023)

  • Did Hillary Clinton collude with Russia in 2016 to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign?
  • Elderly Senator Chuck Grassley delivered a rambling statement focused on the purported criminality of Joe Biden’s family, something he claims is straight out of a “fiction spy thriller.”
  • Making unconstitutional demands of New York State District Attorney Alvin Bragg to appear before the Select Committee and turn over evidence in the ongoing case against Donald Trump.
  • Jordan claimed that he had “dozens” of “FBI whistleblowers” with knowledge of FBI misconduct directed at Trump, yet he only produced three people, none of who qualified as whistleblowers.
While in office T rumpp unethically inserted himself into every aspect of government. By doing so, he violated the separation of powers between the three branches of the government. Examples of how Trump corrupted and weaponized the government to benefit himself are:
  • Instructed Attorney General William Barr to deliver a misleading pronouncement of exoneration of Trump by Robert Mueller’s findings in the Mueller Report.
  • Ordered AG Barr to interfere in DOJ investigations into his allies.
  • Insisted Barr establish an investigation into the Mueller Russia probe which was costly and yielded no crimes or wrongdoings of any kind.
  • Suspected of ordering the IRS to audit fired FBI Director James Comey and Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe in revenge for their “disloyalty”.
  • Ordered his Justice Department to illegally deize the emails and phone numbers of his critics.
  • Pressured AG William Barr and other allies to find non-existent fraud in the election he lost.
  • Bullied Congress to approve $2 billion do to build the wall by threatening to destroy their chances of re-election.
  • Weaponized the process of picking Supreme Court justices by announcing a list of ultra- conservative judges during the 2020 presidential campaign.
Michael Cohen knows how vengeful, spiteful, narcissistic, and insecure Donald Trump is. He has witnessed Trump turn on people, discards them, and seek to destroy them. Cohen himself became a victim of Trump’s love of vengence.

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