Donald Trump Is Indicted By A Grand Jury In New York And The Government Finally Proves “No One Is Above The Law” In The United States. Republicans Are Freaking Out Telling Lies And Threats Before Knowing What The Charges Against Trump Are. They Are Weaponizing Congress To Protect Trump While Falsely Accusing Elected Prosecutors And Us Citizens Serving On A Grand Jury Of Corruption. Hopefully, The DOJ Will Indict Enough MAGA Allies Along With Trump And Re-Stablize Our Democracy.

In the aftermath of his indictment yesterday, Trump put out a propaganda message about how he is a victim of a politicized attack on him by the corrupt left who wants to destroy the American democracy. Trump has relied on using gaslighting to escape accountability for his assault on the rule of law throughout his presidency. Like many sociopathic autocrats, Trump’s lawlessness has escalated and evidence of his probable guilt in many crimes has emboldened the justice system to hold him accountable. Trump has been disrespecting democracy for 6 years by committing fraud, spreading propaganda, breaking American political norms and values and befriending dictators.

Donald Trump had a decade long exchange of letters between him and Richard Nixon. Trump professed his admiration for Nixon in his letters and sympathized with the disgraced ex-president’s political demise over the Watergate scandal. Trump shared Nixon’s autocratic view of the presidency and adopted his disdain for the press and the use of gaslighting and lying as political strategies.

Trump admired Richard Nixon. His respect for him increased after the Watergate scandal. Political analysts speculate that Trump admired Nixon’s attempt to influence the presidential election process in his favor by supporting the break-in of the democrats headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. Despite proof that Nixon committed crimes against the United States democratic process, Trump’s perception of the presidency aligns with Nixon’s famous quote, ” if the president does it, it isn’t illegal.”

There are stark parallels between the fall of Richard Nixon’s presidency and Donald Trump’s presidential loss after one-term and the legal perils he now faces. Had Vice President Gerald Ford not issued a pardon, Nixon would have faced the same threat of imprisonment that now threatens Trump’s freedom. One blatant similarity is the loyal protection each received from their political allies. Special prosecutor Jack Smith is now closing in on Trump’s inner circle of surrogates by issuing subpoenas to them to testify in the investigations into Trump’s role in the Mara-a-Lago stolen document case and the January 6th insurrection. In the 1970s, the DOJ worried more about upholding the Constitution than it did about being criticized. Nixon’s attorney general, chief of staff and other aides all went to prison for participating in Nixon’s criminal acts.

Trump’s allies have suspiciously defended Trump throughout his destructive pattern of attacks on the Constitution and American values. They are now declaring his indictment as an attack on democracy without even knowing what the charges against him are. They are labeling the indictment and the justified investigations as witch hunts because Trump insists any accusation of him is a lie. Are his allies and supporters forgetting the other crimes Trump has already been accused of or convicted of committing? Thus far the government has failed in their duty to hold Trump accountable for his criminal behaviors. Not holding him accountable has emboldened Trump to expand on spreading disinformation and using violent rhetoric against his opponents. These proven criminal facts strengthen the probability of Trump’s guilt in the Stormy Daniels case and the other potential charges from the New York grand jury. These are facts;

  • The Trump Organization convicted of tax fraud
  • Trump University convicted of defrauding students
  • Trump Charity found guilty of fraud. Trump family barred from running another charity in New York.
  • Found to have committed ten counts of obstruction of justice in the Mueller Report
  • Accused of rape and defamation by columnist E Jean Carroll in the 1990s in a department store dressing room.
  • Under investigation for stealing and hiding classified documents at Mara-a-Lago
  • Lied under oath in a written deposition with Robert Mueller
In his defense, Trump’s allies in Congress are potentially breaking the law by demanding the justice system answer to their further prosecution of Trump. Hope lies in the justice system’s continued pattern of defending the Constitution over Trump’s bogus attempts to use the courts to escape criminal accountability.

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