Thirty Years Ago Waco, Texas Was The Site Of A Heavily Armed Stand Off Between The US Federal Government And David Koresh, A Religious, Anti- Government Cult Leader And His Branch Davidian Extremist Group. The Standoff Lasted 51 Days And Four Federal Agents And 86 Branch Davidians Died From Gun Shots And A Fire That Destroyed The Compound. Trump’s Personality Is Consumed By An Admiration For Violence. His Choice Of Waco, Texas For A Campaign Rally Confirms Trump’s Goal To Destroy, Not Protect Our Constitutional Government.

David Koresh belief parallel the MAGA republicans. His definition of freedoms did not include a Constitution of laws. The Davidians were anti-government cultists who were stockpiling large amounts of ammunition to launch an attack against the US government. Federal agents were surveillng the compound, however a reporter leaked that information and Koresh led a deadly attack of gunfire that led to the destruction of the compound and loss of life. Korean died in what is referred to as the Waco Massacre.

Trump, his followers and MAGA members of Congress now defend the insurrection and have renamed it an act to save democracy.

Her heart aches in sympathy for the rioters who violently attacked the Capitol Bldg, physically injured DC And Capitol police, and caused the deaths of 5—people on Jan. 6th. Green worships guns and promotes violent rhetoric toward opponents. Her embracing of the jailed insurrectionists indicates she would support another insurrection to keep her party in power. Georgia District 14 got it wrong by electing her, and now Congress and the DO have to figure out how, in a democracy,cy we can remove her and those like her from Congress. Why isn’t being insurrection-friendly enough justification for removal from elected office?
Throughout his presidency Trump incited violence against his opponents, Mike Pence, immigrants, people in custody, Black Lives Matter, hecklers at his rallies, and prosectors. Only his gullible, reality- star obsessed followers believe he is a good, kind, and peace-loving, law-abiding person. His choice of Waco as a speech location was a chilling reveal of his commitment to an anti-government movement that will promote continued violence and autocracy. He is a psychological enigma embodying serious character- disordered type thinking, behaviors and feelings. Tump supporters should tear themselves away from the fake news shows on the Fox Channel and google videos of violent dictators in history. What they would see would reveal shocking similarities between Trump and violent dictators in their autocratic messaging, tone, aggression, and the justification of violence.

Is it accurate to assume if you admire, enable and vote for a violent, dishonest, law-breaking person then you share those qualities? If Trump supporters believe he is innocent of all crimes he is accused of, why do they think he pleads the fifth, insists his allies break the law and ignore subpoenas, and use the courts to delay investigations. Don’t they realize if he knew he was innocent his narcissism would promote compliance with the legal system.

He will dupe his followers out of money until they wake up or go broke. He depends on his gaslighting talent to kgeta salary from the lower-middle class and the filthy rich.

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