There Are 18 Republican Members Of The House That Won In Districts That Voted For Joe Biden For President. With An Incredibly Small MAGA Margin In The House, These Members Could Save The Country From The Incompetent MAGA Extremists Who Are Making A Trump Circus Out Of The House Of Representatives. Have These Representatives Turned Over Their Loyalty To Trump And Abandoned The Needs And Wants Of Their Constituents? The White House Needs To Appeal To Their Decency And Patriotism.

House Minority Leader Hakim Jeffries declares, “democrats work for the people.” Speaker of The House Kevin McCarthy clearly works for MAGA, Trump and unqualified extremist Marjorie Taylor Green, accused sex trafficker Matt Gaetz, enabler of the sexual abuse of students on the Ohio State wrestling team Jim Jordan, and gun-obsessed mean girl Lauren Boebert. Voters in districts that went for Biden need to break with the white nationalist wing of the House. If they don’t their constituents should ask them to resign.

Crossover House district winners in 2022

  • Arizona District 1. David Schweikert
  • Arizona District 6. Juan Ciscomani
  • California District 23. John Duarte
  • California Distruct 22. David Valadao
  • California District 27. Mike Garcia
  • California District 40. Young Kim
  • California District 45. Michelle Steele
  • Nebraska District 2. Don Bacon
  • New Jersey District 7. Tom Kean
  • New York District 1. Nick LaLota
  • New York District 3. George Santos
  • New York District 4. Anthony D’ Esposito
  • New York District 17. Mike Lawler
  • New York District 22. Brandon Williams
  • Oregon District 5. Lori Chavez DeRemer
  • Pennsylvania Disttict 1. Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Virgina District 2. Jen Kiggans

Majority and minority leadership roles were established by the founding fathers and included in the Constitution to be a positive influence on the functioning of our Congress. However, in modern politics those roles have resulted in corrupt power-grabbing, being owned by special interests, and anti-bipartisan governing. Officials elected by the people should answer only to the people instead of party leaders and donors.

Kevin McCarthy in his own words reveals years of corrupt political behavior. He is vehemently opposing all investigations against Trump calling them “politically motivated” without seeing any of the evidence. However, he publically admitted the bogus Benghazi investigations were initiated to bring down Hillary’s poll numbers. He is blatantly hypocritical and a needy man who brings no dignity to his office. As leader of the House GOP, he spends his time ordering “politically motivated” investigations, embarrassingly kissing Marjorie Tayor Green’s ass, and defending a former president who called on a mob to stop the peaceful transfer of power to keep him illegally in office. If there was no party leader to bully and threaten representatives, Congress would better reflect the will of the people.

The White House is focused on the 18 Republican House representitives who won in Biden districts. The are focused on winning back those seats in 2024 and reclaiming the majority. The MAGA influence on the House is not popular in republican held districts that lean blue. Democrats must have a strong, continuos presence in those districts and a strategy to win back those seats. MAGA extremists in the house openly stand for white nationalism, promote isolation from our global allies, align with Russia and admire world dictators will aid the Biden Administration in flipping the House in 2024. Hopefully, the intelligence and national security agencies are keeping an eye on extremists in Congress who still support the insurrection, the “big lie”, and Russia over Ukraine.

Is she just vile, or is she also crazy? It would be great to see an interview with her ex-husband and children. She is crass, mean, uninformed, and a shameless opportunist. She is unfit for the office she holds, and one of Trump’s favorite phrases, ” and everybody knows it,” perfectly applies. It would be fun to watch her and Sarah Palin play Jeopardy. Maybe then Georgia District 14 would recall her. Voting her into Congress is not something to brag about outside of Georgia. The 18 Republicans from Biden won districts could neuter Green and McCarthy if they honored their oath of office over party.

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