Republican Members Of Congress And Trump Supporters Should Answer Questions Aimed At Explaining Why They Continue To Support Donald Trump. The Majority Of Americans Don’t Support Him Because They Oppose Adultery, Autocracy, Lying, Racism, Misogyny, Fraud, Breaking Laws, And Cruelty. Unfortunately, Our Political System Elevates A President Or Ex-President To An Almost Untouchable Level Which Has Allowed Trump To Escape Justice. However, The Walls Of Protection Are Crumbling.

Trump was a democrat for years. He was pro-choice and was friends with the Clintons. However, the alt-right movement led by anarchist strategist Steve Bannon approached Trump about running for president against Hillary Clinton. Bannon told Trump all he had do was align himself with evangelicals, white nationalists, uneducated rural Americans and the rich. Trumpism was born in Trump’s partnership with Bannon and the gaslighting, lying, conspiracy theories and dismissal of the Constitution was born. Trump is known to denigrate his followers calling them gullible sheep behind their backs.
It is worrisome to know millions of Americans are susceptible to cults. It is sad to learn so many Americans find criminality and cruelty acceptable. It is disturbing to realize so many Americans would kill over political differences. It’s curious why Trump supporters find him competent, funny, or patriotic. They should be asked to answer these questions
  • Is there any trait that Trump exhibits that you’re suspicious of? If not, why not? If yes, why?
  • If you found out Trump is secretly pro-choice would you still support him?
  • Have you ever been in a cult? Would you be willing to read a description of cults and cult leaders?
  • Do you understand why some people compare Trump to Charles Manson?
  • Do you know what the similarities are between Trump and Hitler, Mussolini and Putin and other autocrats?
  • Have you studied the evidence that led a court to shut down Trump University, Trump Charity, and to find the Trump Organization guilty of business fraud?
  • Can you report how Trump’s policies specifically helped you financially during his presidency?
  • Do you know why Ttump has been labeled a racist since the 1970s?
  • Do you know Trump admitted to taking the classified documents from the White House because he wrongly said they belong to him?
  • Are you ok with lying if it’s in support Trump or any other Republican?
  • Does Trump’s support of banning women’s rights to reproductive freedom justify excusing his patterns of adultery, sexual aggression towards women, and lying?
  • A question for women: If a friend told you she had a rich guy to introduce you to but he has been accused of sexual assault by dozens of women, of raping another woman, had his companies found guilty of business fraud, and was found to commit tax evasion would you say, “sure I would love to meet him”?
  • Why are you no longer aligned with traditional conservativism?
  • Aside from being enamored with Trump, his MAGA rallies, and hats what specific aspect of the MAGA ideology do you like the most? Why?
  • Many of the Jan. 6th Capitol rioters feel duped, used and abandoned by Trump. If Ttump incites another insurrection or any act of violence, will you participate? Explain.
  • Why do you accept what Trump and Fox hosts say as truth without being shown proof or facts?
  • Are you afraid of minorities? Why? Has Trump made you more fearful of minorities?
  • Would you support government forced vasectomy reversals for men if their partners wanted to get pregnant?
  • Isn’t it fair for men to lose their reproductive freedoms if women lose theirs?
  • Do you believe presidents should be exempt from being prosecuted for crimes they commit while in office?
  • Would you support the opposing party trying to overturn an election simply because they believed it was stolen? If not, why?

Hillary Clinton survived countless witch hunts and no evidence was ever found that led to an indictment of her. Isn’t it fair that chants to “lock him up” spread throughout the country as they did against Hillary? A real strong man wouldn’t whine and cry victim like Trump does.


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